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countradictory in terms


Active Member
Think about this "non-biblical books of the bible" If the books are not in the bible then why is it of the bible?


I know what you mean, Chuck.
I guess they mean they are like "missing" from the Bible but it has already been established YRS ago that whatever 'little books' are not in the canon are NOT inspired of God thus NOT part of the Bible. There are only 66 little books = the Bible.
I've been thru this with reading my HUGE Catholic Duoay Bible. There are books in there that come right out & admit that they are no part of the Bible! Get THAT, huh?!??


Well-Known Member
There are strict criteria for whether a book can be included in the canon, a good study if you really want to search.


Active Member
1st--what are the criteria and who established them?

2nd--It is my understanding Constantine whittled down the books some in the 4th century, but some of the apocrypha were also removed in the early 1600's with the King James Version. In addition there are a variety of books mentioned in the text of the OT--but there are no copies to be found. I believe there was another whittling down in the 1880's but I am looking for more than 1 source on that information. If you believe the BIBLE is inerrant--should there have been any deletions at all?