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Continuity of Blessings of Ramadan -- Five Salaat-s and Jumu’ah -- Words of Wisdom


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.....The blessed month of Ramadan came, and quickly passed despite heat and long days. This year heat was record high. But many people or at least those who met Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said this time, Fasts were not much felt or felt less though weather were severe. But it is not enough that we say Fasts passed easily this time. If Fasts were easy then it was favour of Allah the Exalted that he enabled us to pass through these days easily. Even if there were some feeling of hunger and thirst caused by fasting, then too it is not enough to say so. Rather, we need to make self-review and check what did we get in these blessed days of Allah the Exalted. Fasting passed easily or with some feeling, it does not fulfill our aim. Purpose will be gained if we check what did we achieve.

Allah the Exalted – Who comes from seventh heavens to lowest heavens in Ramadan, Who gets closer to His servants and listens their prays, Who Himself becomes the reward of those who keep fasts, Who clutches Satan in these days, what did we do to get benefit from favours and mercies of Allah the Exalted or what pledges we made? What pledges, we made to obey His commandments, to live life according to His teaching and to leave previous shortcomings? And up to what extent we have developed changes in our selves? These reviews will draw our attentions to permanent favours of Allah the Exalted, and to make effort to bring permanent change in our states. We shall always absorb His favours.

If we became regular in offering Salaat only for Ramadan, and later we shall be lazy again, then it is not following commandments of Allah the Exalted. If our regularity in attending Friday Salaat is only for Ramadan, then it is not practicing His directives. If we thought that recitation of Holy Quran was essential for Ramadan only and shall not pay attention to it afterwards, it is not following pleasure of Allah the Exalted. If we have to keep durud and zikr limited only for Ramadan, Allah the Exalted does not want so. If we have to practice morals and other good things as compulsion only for Ramadan, Allah the Exalted does want it from us. Ramadan comes as training camp. Allah the Exalted has made Ramadan obligatory because the virtues you are doing, progress more in these. Each coming Ramadan when ends, should elevate us to new destinations and heights of worships and virtues and then we establish new standards of worships and virtues. Allah the Exalted demands steadfast practice of these virtues from us.

Allah the Exalted commanded “aqemussalat” that establish Salaat-s; offer them timely and in well way. Allah the Exalted has commanded “hafezu alas salawate wa salaatil wusta” Take care all Salaat-s especially the middle Salaat……Every Muslim knows five Salaat-s are obligated. That is why command to safe five Salaats is given and especially attention is drawn to save Salaat of middle. Allah the Exalted knows human psychology that is why special attention is drawn to middle Salaat with stress.

“salaatilwusta” means middle or important Salaat i.e. such time of Salaat when importance of Salaat increases. Allah the Exalted has made each Salaat obligatory then why “salaatilwusta” is given more importance. It is because human tends to give priority to personal or worldly desires at the time of some Salaat-s. For someone it is difficult to offer Salaat of Fajr, waking up at that time and offer it brings one near to Allah the Exalted, it becomes important Salaat. For someone else it is felt difficult to offer Zohar or Asr Salaat due to to work or business, for him that Salaat becomes important. So when human comes to worship of Allah the Exalted with struggle, He appreciates this effort and grants. There is no limit for reward of virtues by Him. He grants limitlessly to those who do effort in His way. When human comes to Him after breaking idols of earthliness and personal desires, His favours becomes boundless.

Allah the Exalted has drawn our attention about Salaat at various places with respect to various contexts, not keeping to Ramadan only.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has said such words about Salaat-s Juma’ah-s and Ramadan which a Momin, a person who has fear of Allah the Exalted in heart, should always keep before him. Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said that Five Salaat-s, Jumu’ah till next Jumu’ah, Ramadan till next Ramadan compensate for sins done meanwhile, until he keeps avoiding big sins.

Here it is explained that five Salaat-s compensate sins when human offers five Salaat-s at appointed time by full effort and make effort to avoid sins in the intervals. If there will be minor weaknesses, Allah the Exalted will forgive these, provided that Salaat is offered at time with paying its right. It is also promise of Allah the Exalted if Salaat are offered by paying their rights, human is saved from indecencies.

Likewise, importance of each Friday is made clear, like five Salaat-s, Jumu’ah is obligatory too. With it, Allah the Exalted forgives small weakness, small mistakes, small sins which are taken place till next Jumu’ah.

But one should not understand from it that they may do small sins. It means that Allah the Exalted forgives if mistake is done due to human-weakness, then regularity in Salaat-s and Jumu’ah-s with prayers to seek forgiveness and pledges not to do this mistake again……. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said about keeping regularity in Jumu’ah that whoever left three consecutive Jumu’ah-s at will, Allah the Exalted puts seal on his heart….A tradition tell: His heart become black.

The importance of Jumu’ah should be understood. Some people come to the last Friday with the intention that it is last Friday and should be offered in large mosque. There are people too who think the last Friday of Ramadan should be offered. …. Members of Jama'at are repeatedly told about importance of Jumu’ah , and now few people may have been left who are careless about it, but those who are careless they should be cautious after hearing this saying of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

Allah the Exalted did not say that offer the Jumu’ah of Ramadan or offer the last Jumu’ah, reward will be . But the importance to offer each Jumu’ah is told. Allah the Exalted says: “yaaiyohallazina aamanu eza nudeya lissalate min yomil jumate fas-o ela zikrillahe wa zarul bai zalekum khairullakum in kuntum talamun” (O ye who believe! when the call is made for Prayer on one part of Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off all business. That is better for you, if you only knew.)

So it is directive to Momin, the one who believes, especially come for Salaat of Jumu’ah and leave your business, all works, all worldly benefits. Take care of one thing that you have to offer Friday Salaat…. Allah the Exalted says that if you have the knowledge, you should know it is better for you and blessing are in it, your businesses will be blessed with this..............

Reference & Subject continues (with English subtitles) @ Friday Sermon: 23rd June 2017