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"Constantinian Shift"

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by MikeDwight, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. MikeDwight

    MikeDwight Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2019
    These are 10 of the biggest religious wars every fought
    Christianity and violence - Wikipedia
    Constantinian shift - Wikipedia

    I've been on Religious Forums elsewhere. I've been on Political Forums elsewhere. I've heard people decry the "Two Kingdoms" theology in Protestantism as unbiblical. Two kingdoms doctrine - Wikipedia

    I discovered tonight reading on Christianity and Violence, the "Constantinian Shift". Basically, simply, a very short article, it talks about these Greek legions adopting banners from the name of Christ in the Byzantine Empire near 320 AD.

    Ya, this is basically our blindspot today. I'm aware since I'm 6 about these things that are simply online and not in discussion. Clearly the peoples and lands between the Christians and Muslims are in constant shift and easy to claim between the two disrespecting sides, such as the Muslim invasion of Spain, and the Reconquista. The Turkish invasion of Anatolia and the Byzantines, might as well pair this with the World War 1 British liberation of Greece.

    I don't think its very special to fight for something when you do anything else for that cause/politic/devotion as well, is it? I'm sure a Baptist is who I heard who made the distinction for servicemen between "You shall not Murder" and "Killing" in national service.

    One of a handful of the fun games they've had online, its just second nature, wouldn't it be? Why wouldn't it be? The Light Blue Reformed totally lose out on this one , too bad. General "Stonewall" Jackson was an "Old Testament Warrior defender of Holy Land Israel" and the association might have cut down American Crusades somewhat.