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Comment Thread For "A Very Fine Time With Mister T"


Big Squishy Hugger
Premium Member

*Curls up into the fetal position awaiting Heather's wrath*

I can wait. :ninja:





FYI, just don't walk down any dark alleys at night. You might come across a small feisty character who is the master of Tickle Torture and who is carrying a whip. And if you're lucky, she'll only force you to sing "Hungy Like the Wolf" one time before she lets you go.

But you didn't hear that from me. :eek:wl:



Veteran Member
Well Chimpy, I hope you've been eating your Weaties.....;)
I'm an expert thumb wrestler and would challenge you to a match any day of the week, buddy! I have to warn you though....I don't drink cheap beer. When you lose, you're going to have to buy me some good stuff. :yes: