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Comment Thread For "A Shocking Expose of the New Reality!"


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
This is the thread for expressing your questions and concerns about "A Shocking Expose of the New Reality!" Go for it!


Veteran Member
Hey Stacey! (is there supposed to be an 'e' there? )

Are you a Classic Rock fan mostly? Are there any contemporary artist's you're fond of?

What do your kids think about God and religion? Do you consider yourself agnostic?

What's the funnest vacation you've ever been on?

My son Evan can't play an instrument yet is recording a tune right this very minute. What do you think of people creating "fake" music these days? You can be honest. :D


Can't brain. Has dumb.
Stacey: You said

I more often prefer the “improvisation zone”
(unless I am working with lyrics)

I know you appreciate the musical genius PB ZEP (neat car rego plate I saw the other day! - get it? - Le(a)d (Pb) Zeppelin!? :p), and I have a suggestion taken from the master himself - Robert Plant. He wrote more lyrics for a particular song than was intended for the studio album, therefore he allowed for improvisation in the song and he was able to sing the "bonus - never-before-heard" lyrics along with that! Might be something for you to look into!! :D

And by the way, I would love to hear your music! Any chance you could mail me a CD? (internets is too slow here to receive in emails and the like)


Stacey's been very tired...
and a bit PMS...:(
but happily distracted by all kinds of sordid & juicy scandal!:drool:

Still I shall answer all unanswered questions sometime this week.
Thanks for asking!:p


Back when Phil interviewed me
I was still "theNEWreality".
I am NOW "UltraViolet"...
but one in the same.

There was one question I never answered...
"How has RF changed me".
Somehow it seemed like the most important one,
but then I only went back and answered just last week
on New Years.

Also I had questions from Buttercup and MethlyatedGhosts
that I never answered.

the last two posts here (#6 & #7 I believe)
conclude my interview with Phil.
my interview with Phil--link

I will begin tackling the questions here in this thread tonight.
Don't know why on earth I didn't come back to this sooner?:shrug:



I decided to put my last interview answer here as well,
to make it easier to find and read.

How has RF changed you as a person?

This is the one question I never answered
back when Phil interviewed me.
Since that time my user name has been changed from
theNEWreality to UltraViolet
(Just to clear up any potential confusion for any new RFers.)

I suppose the reason I held off on answering
the question of how RF has changed me as a person
lies in the fact that RF truly HAS changed me. Deeply.
and CONTINUES to change me.
And I wanted to reflect on that before answering.

At RF it's ok to just be me.
and after so many years of being someone else...
well it is quite LITERALLY the world to me.

RF has revitalized in me
my love... and wonder ...
for diversity in the world...
for the art of living...

RF "cured" me of my excruciating lonliness...
and allienation...
and my problem of never fitting in "right".

RF has cultivated social/people skills in me
that lay dormant after years of
the evasion of others not "like me".

RF has been the source of some profoundly amazing friendships for me.
Life changing friendships.
Real ones.

RF challanges my thinking...
and continually helps strip me of all the remaining superstition in me.
I want to live superstition free.

RF is the only place I know I can run some of my most outrageous
"reality views" ... and meet with out of the box feedback...
instead of condemnation and mockery. (well mostly. lol)

Tonight is New Years Eve.
This year on RF...
I resolve to be more insightful regarding others posts.
I resolve to be more frubal vigilant.
So many times I have not frubaled when I should have.

Also I am going to come out of my mystery shell a bit more...
and let you in on the world through my eyes.
I'm finally ready to probe my view of reality with you.

You have all been the hugest three month learning curve
my life has ever known.
Thank you.


Oh yeah!
And at RF I remembered how to laugh again!
How to flirt and have fun
and even whore myslf out for frubals!:flirt:
(wwhooo... no more inhibitions...)

Thanks to Phil I am now perfectly comfortable
blogging (in the) nude...
and have since moved on to posting (in) burlesque.
(What will she do next?!);)

Oh My God!
How much more lightness!
and freedom!
until I simply float off into the heavens
of limitless sky? :cloud9:
and unlimited life.


Are you a Classic Rock fan mostly? Are there any contemporary artist's you're fond of?

I grew up on Classic Rock...
and initially became a musician because of my love for it.

I played keyboards/back up vocals in a Classic Rock band in Ithaca NY
while I was a music composition major there.
I wound up changing my focus to jazz my second year in Ithaca
and transfered to theNEWschool in Manhattan NYC
to major in Jazz Piano.

I lost TOTAL track of the whole popular/rock music sceene
for MANY MANY years. Doin' the Jazzer thing.
Then when I became a church musician,
I mostly only knew the contemp christian bands.

Only just this last year...
have I been scouring youtube and now iTunes...
making a whole new set list for myself
to play out and sing as a solo act.
Keyboards and voice.

I'm having a GREAT time pulling up old classics
and checking out all kinds of new stuff as well.
One day I'll share some of what I'm doing.

But now must finish up my shift here at work.

Be back tonight for more.



What do your kids think about God and religion? Do you consider yourself agnostic?

Well I have four offspring.
The three and four year olds,
it's still pretty hard to say.;)

My now 15 year old and I
through much discussion
made the decision together
(4 years ago?)
to abandon our whole "church" life.
Neither of us were personally connected with "religion" anymore
had absolutely no desire/need for the whole church thing,
and dropped it...
after YEARS of DEVOUT religiosity.
(Roman Catholic)

My daughter lost the few friends she had in all this,
as did I ... but we discussed the possibility before hand
and KNEW it might very well come to that.

I myself had had a mindblowing spiritual awakening
before this "decision" was fully implimented
which deepened my personal experience of LIFE...
but totally set me apart from the church experience
that up until then had BEEN my "life".
(for about 8 years. :()

My daughter had her own personal spiritual awakening
when she was 14. She LITERALLY changed overnight.
Literally. She went deep and the scales fell.
She awakened to a whole new life.

We each have our own symbolisms
that speak to us...
that we gravitate to deep down...
and our own terminologies...
but we relate to and understand each other sooo very well.

There's a bit of goth in both of us...
a halloween "liner"...
though we're all into wonder and beauty and whimsy.
We could NEVER be who we are today,
had we continued to conform & disform ourselves
for the sake of church submission and obedience.

For us both God is Life.
Life is God.
For her God is in the moon...
redemption is in butterflies...
She is newlywed to Life in every moment...

For me everything in Life
is a potential symbolism...
and a potential majik. Life is a majik.
Transformable and sentient.
Life and I are intimate.
We adventure together.

My eight year old son is a great kid.
Very funny. He also finds God in everything.
Legos, waffles... etc etc.
He really keeps us laughing.

I don't really consider us either religious or agnostic.
Just alive... and aware... and awake... and sentient...
and enjoying/experiencing life in a deep way.

I call it Majik.:D