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College Bans Gays in Christian Frat.

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
I think as a religious group they have every right to do that (not what you expected me to say, right?). However, if the college has a nondiscrimination policy for groups, then they should follow it, or take the group off-campus if they are so opposed to diversity.


Well-Known Member
Of course they have a right to do it, but it doesn't make it acceptable.

And if I'm not incorrect, isn't it illegal to discriminate against religion nationwide. I don't think there is a sexual preference discrimination ban nationwide. So still, they discriminated on religious grounds.


Well-Known Member
I think they had the right to ban the gays. I'm not saying it's right. I can see their reasoning. If it had been a club where there wasn't a sleepover, though, I wonder if they would have been banned.


I don't think its right at all and i don't think they should have the right to do that either, its discrimination. I wonder what the outcome would have been if it was a fraternity that was not accepting someone because they were christian.


Well-Known Member
I don't like it, but as long as they're a private organization, I suppose they're allowed (and, frankly, were I gay I don't think I'd want to around these guys). Now, if they're a college supported kind of thing, I'm not sure how right that is.


A Christian frat? How boring that must be! I guess they don't have many toga parties. :biglaugh:


Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
Now that is what I call Religion; caring, non-judgemental. Makes a good advert for the faith!!!:banghead3


Well-Known Member
Rex_Admin said:
Are fraternities private organizations? I wouldn't think so since they're aligned with the universities. However, if they're private, then they have the right to make whatever rules they want. That's already been established with the boy scouts.

I'm not sure what they're accomplishing though by denying them admittance. They're wasting a valuable opportunity for evangelizing. :D


The cake is a lie
MrMorden said:
i think its rediculous that they should ban gays. now with that being said, i have a hard time being around gay people myself.
Why's that? :sarcastic *sniffs under her arms* Does being gay cause me to emit an unpleasant odor?


Active Member
MrMorden said:
i think its rediculous that they should ban gays. now with that being said, i have a hard time being around gay people myself.
That's just silly.

I'm gay, but I don't have a problem being around straight people. Well, maybe some offensive straight people who are blatant homophobes. But, that's a whole nother story.

As for the topic. I guess they have the right. But if you ask me, it's not a very "Christian" attitude to take.

I thought Christ accepted everyone?

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
I think MrMorden should be commended for his honesty. It's a difficult thing to admit your bias. He didn't say anything against homosexuals, if anything he was pointing out he own faults. Maybe after spending some time online with us non-heterosexual folk, he will be more comfortable in real life with gay people. :)


Well-Known Member
MrMorden said:
i think its rediculous that they should ban gays. now with that being said, i have a hard time being around gay people myself.
Just curious....but why?


Uber all member
Rex_Admin said:
A judge has ruled that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill must recognize a Christian fraternity that refuses to admit gays.
It was the frat that banned gays contrary to University policy.

Related to the University of North Carolina case is

(San Francisco, California) A Christian group sued the University of California's Hastings College of the Law in federal court here Friday for not recognizing it as an official campus organization.

The Christian Legal Society says it should get campus funding and other benefits, but does not have to open its membership to gays, lesbians and nonbelievers - all requirements from the San Francisco law school.

"The First Amendment provides a right of expressive association," said Tim Tracey, an attorney for the society. "We want to associate with people that affirm a certain number of our beliefs."

Tracey said the group has a right to exclude people it does not wish to associate with, as does the Boy Scouts of America.

In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Boys Scouts and its affiliates can prohibit gay boys from joining scout troops and gay men from becoming scout leaders. The high court said the constitution gave scouts the right to choose its members.
While private organizations may limit membership, state sponsered organizations may not. Each group is liable to be disenfranchized from the univeristy

The recent decision of the Defense Department regarding the Boy Scouts reflects that idea of curtailment to private organizations


The cake is a lie
I was divided over the issue at first, but now I'm absolutely against banning gays from the Christian frat. If they're not a private organization, they don't really have any business blocking a minority from joining. I hope this decision is revoked.


User of Aspercreme
With only three members, you would think they would allow anyone and everyone to join them.

As a Christian, I don't think it is a good idea to be exclusive to anyone, but I would also say that they should be allowed to. I pledged for three fraternities in college and was passed over by the two that I wanted. They just didn't want me. I don't know why, but I could have screamed discrimination.