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Class Selections for GA


Active Member
I thought a few people (lilith) might be interested in the workshops I will be taking at this years Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Ft Worth.

If you are interested in learning more about General Assembly, then visit www.uua.org/ga .

Here are the classes that I chose....

2005 General Assembly Workshops

David Pyle

Friday, 8am-9:15am


Are you Considering Going Into the Ministry?

Friday, 9:45-11am


Tending the Fire III, The Community Ministry

Friday, 12:30-1:45


Finances for Seminarians

Friday, 4pm-5:15pm


Track II Diplomacy in Global Conflict, Religions for Peace

Friday, 6:45-8pm


Building Peace: Person to Person experiences in Iraq

Saturday, 9:45-11am


Spirit into Service, Creating an Outreach Ministry

Saturday, 11:30am-12:45pm


Unitarian Universalists in the Military

Saturday, 2pm-3:15pm


Meeting the Ministerial Fellowship Committee

Saturday, 3:45-5pm


Congregations Guide to Administrator Certification

Sunday 3pm-4:15pm


ICUU: Why your Faith matters in the world

Sunday 4:45-6pm


World Community, A Broader vision of Partnership

Sunday, 7:15-8:30pm


UU Peace Fellowship Award : Veterans for Peace

Monday, 8:30-9:45am


UN Reform: Revitalizing the United Nations

Monday 10:15-11:30am


Jerusalem women speak: three faiths one vision

Monday 3:45-5pm


Beyond and Edifice Complex: 12 facilities improvements for under 1,000

Any of those strike your fancy? It would be neet to do a workshop toghether!
YoUUrs in Faith,

David Pyle
Galveston Island, TX


The Devil's Advocate
Davidium said:
I thought a few people (lilith) might be interested in the workshops I will be taking at this years Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Ft Worth.
Namaste David,

It looks like your workshops are heavy on ministry, which makes sense. Most of the ones that I decided to take are skewed towards theology, with some politics thrown in.

Fri, 6/24

8:00 am: "The Congregation of Abraxas Thirty Years Later"

9:45 am: "Liberal Theology's Tensions: Getting in Our Own Way" (Paul Rasor)

12:30 pm: "James Luther Adams and Liberalism" (Beach, Buehrens, Lovin)

4:00 pm: "Is Hitler in Heaven?"

6:45 pm: "Texas Zen"

Sat, 6/25

9:45 am: "What Humanism Offers the World and Why It's Needed"

2:00 pm: "Blue State Church/Red State Nation"

3:45 pm: "Ensuring that Scholarship Matters"

Sun, 6/26

3:00 pm: "Art and Religion: Twin Manifestation, Same Spirit"

4:45 pm: Human Rights and Human Spirituality (Bill Schulz and James Lawson)

7:15 pm: Starr King's President Lecture - George Lakoff

9:00 pm: Ware Lecture - Elaine Pagels

Mon, 6/27

10:15 am: "Hosea Ballou's Treatise at 200" (Mark Harris)
"Remembering Process Theologian Charles Hartshorne" (Rebecca Parker)
(I can't decide. :eek: )


Active Member
Those are some good ones... I of course will be at the Ware lecture...

You will meet a good friend of mine in the Texas Zen workshop!