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Christians: "This car is covered by the blood of Jesus"

Discussion in 'Same Faith Debates' started by Wandered Off, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Wandered Off

    Wandered Off Sporadic Driveby Member Staff Member

    Generally a bad idea
    On my commute this morning, I saw a bumper sticker that said:
    Naturally, being a smart-aleck ex-believer, I had all sorts of thoughts that I won't go into out of respect, but mostly it struck me as a little creepy. Do you think this kind of message is appealing? What is its point?

    Note: I'm directing this message to Christians, not looking for smart-alecky comments from fellow nons... I already thought of those.

  2. angellous_evangellous

    angellous_evangellous Pater Familias Staff Member Premium Member

    It seems to have served its purpose.
  3. Magic Man

    Magic Man Reaper of Conversation

    Which is?
  4. Just_me_Mike

    Just_me_Mike New Member

    As you know there are creepy Christians, and then there are CREEPY Christians.

    I think your honest prejudice is what spawned th creepy factor for you, not knowing what degree of creepiness was inside the car. Was it the David Duke level or the child just trying to proess their religion.

    As to what is meant by the sticker, it is purely determined by the creepy Christian in the car :D Different meanings for different people.
  5. Wandered Off

    Wandered Off Sporadic Driveby Member Staff Member

    Generally a bad idea
    Seriously? Being creeped out by the mental image of a large blood-covered object is a result of prejudice?

    I was a sincere believer in my youth, and I was a little creeped out by all the blood hymns even in those days.
  6. angellous_evangellous

    angellous_evangellous Pater Familias Staff Member Premium Member

    Advertising - getting people to talk and think about your message. This one seems to have sunk in.
  7. angellous_evangellous

    angellous_evangellous Pater Familias Staff Member Premium Member

    Me too. I remember thinking:

    What have my parents got us into?

    I was imagining church members washing themselves in a fountain of blood.
  8. Apex

    Apex Somewhere Around Nothing

    Yeah, that is creepy.
  9. Heneni

    Heneni Miss Independent

    There is not one scripture in the bible that indicates that we must put the blood of jesus or as they say 'plead the blood of Jesus' over our earthly items.

    The idea was probably started by someone who read the sacrifice rituals in the OT and figured that the sprinkling of blood over various things would have some spiritual meaning for christians and their cars or other earthly possession.

    The OT priests did sprinkle the blood of the sacrifices over various things, to purify it. But only when these rituals were done. If anything I would say that to purify your car, buy one that does not pump the air full of poison as soon as you can afford it.

  10. Bware

    Bware I'm the Jugganaut!!

    For once, I completley agree with you Henneni.:yes:
  11. AlsoAnima

    AlsoAnima Friend

    I think that's pretty freaking disturbing. However, I won't censor another person as long as they're not hurting anyone.

    Well. Jesus is not, strictly speaking, a human. Eating what is essential concentrated spirit doesn't strike me as cannibalism. But then, I'm not a transubstantiationist and I'm pretty sure most denominations aren't, so perhaps the blanket term "many Christians" is pushing the bar.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2009
  12. God4me

    God4me God4me

    You couldn't have thought of true believers, "You could have in your dreams".
  13. blackout

    blackout Violet.

    If yer gunna do a real blood ritual,
    you need real blood.

    And then you don't really need to go around "announcing" it to everyone.:rolleyes:

    Their car is covered in nothing but their own idea.
    At best it's energy magick.
    At worst it's bad advertizing.

    Hope those "Jesus filled" people,
    never get themselves in a bloody car wreck.

    But that would be superstition... right? ;)
  14. Rain Drops

    Rain Drops New Member

    I honestly find it creepy and I'm Christian.

    I think the ones who obsess so much about 'the sacrific' of Jesus, tend to be the Christians that talk more about being 'Saved by Grace Not by works'...... and they tend not to pay too much attention to what Jesus says about Ethics.

    Jesus is just seen as a worship idol that was sacrificed so they didn't have to try too hard.

    Which allows them to carry a gun, support the war, hate on gays and stuff.... and not be too concerned about how that conflicts with what Jesus actually says.

    All creepy.
  15. TheKnight

    TheKnight Guardian of Life

    I used to be a devout Christian, and I used to understand all that stuff. Now that I'm outside of Christianity and have become completely involved in a religion that is almost totally different than Christianity, I realize just how disturbing some of the aspects of Christianity could appear.

    I can only wonder what effect the subconscious message it sends to children will have.
  16. Lucian

    Lucian Theologian

    What colour was the car?
  17. Kathryn

    Kathryn Most Spoiled Woman Ever

    I'm a Christian and I find that sort of thing to be, well, low class. I think it cheapens the sacrifice of Jesus, for one thing.

    I am definitely not one of those Christians who wears "Christian" T-shirts and gaudy cross or fish jewelry and all that "Christian bling." Actually, I think all that crap is tacky.

    If people can't tell I am a Christian by my actions, all my words not only don't mean anything, they are actually counter productive.
    Wandered Off likes this.
  18. Thesavorofpan

    Thesavorofpan Is not going to save you.

    What do you mean by creepy?
  19. sojourner

    sojourner Annoyingly Progressive Since 2006

    Sounds like he needed a car wash to me... If the blood interfered with the proper operation of the vehicle, or obstructed the driver's vision in any way (which, being covered in blood, we can only assume it did), then the blood was illegal. Since Jesus' blood is anything but illegal, we can assume that the owner of the vehicle was grossly mistaken.:angel2:
    In other words, it's just bad theology.
    Wandered Off likes this.
  20. Brother2

    Brother2 New Member

    I don't particularly want my car...er 'what colour was the car?'(i loved that comment!):p...I would not like my car covered in red blood or myself for that matter either...

    Ok Folks...brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus What does it mean??:confused:

    Our Creator Lord became like one of us...suffered the ridicule of religious leaders who were afraid of losing their power over the people...and allowed them to Crucify Himself...He could have called 10 Legions of Angels to His defence...could have ended the World there and then...but NO...WHY?...because He loved 'them' and us (we helped to nail Him to the Cross folks...I know I did)...'Father, forgive them because they know not what they do'...He died in our Place folks so that PARDON could be written besides our names in the Records of Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:shout:shout :shout(3 angels message of Rev. 14?)

    Shalom. May God bless all here. brother2.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, 2009
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