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Christian forum debaters


Well-Known Member
I mean, I'd like to believe you, as typically I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but I'm pretty sure you've accused me of being a "Christian republican" over disagreeing with the improper use of a technical term before. So I'm not sure why I should believe your accusation against someone else here.

sun rise

The world is on fire
Premium Member
I've defended Muslims a number of times but sometimes I feel it's important to start with this clause "I'm not a Muslim but..."


Well-Known Member
I personally think that shouting out random labels, that may suit or not, in the midst of debates, just shuts down dialogue, tbh. Debate the issues and see where it leads.

Mister Emu

Emu Extraordinaire
Staff member
Premium Member
Identifying yourself as Christian by hanging out with them and defending them, hey man to me you might as well say your a Christian.
In what world does acquaintance and defense equal identification? I've been around and defended muslims, buddhists, atheists, and more. I've taken up causes I principally disagree with as matters of devil's advocacy in order to remonstrate against poor and/or unfair debate technique. I do not identify with any of those groups or causes.

So just know if you do that it only serves to make you look stupid. If your up here defending Christians all the time Im going to regard you as a Christian anyways.
I'd suggest you let people identify as they will and take arguments as they come without attempting to use identity based rebuttals that may or may not be applicable.

Or if you really think falsely identifying your opponents and doubting their self-categorization makes them have the appearance of stupidity, well, you do you.