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China: Is something going on?


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I just did a flight search London Heathrow to Beijing via British airways who generally have at least one flight to Beijing per day.

The result was
Sorry we have no flights available.
Please refine your search.

I tried three times on different dates with the same result.


sun rise

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FlightAware - Flight Tracker / Flight Status shows real time flights. There are planes in the air in China but not many compared to other places.


sun rise

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"Netease, a major Chinese news portal, reported yesterday that the cancellations were primarily due to recent COVID-19 flare-ups in multiple Chinese provinces." There's likely nothing unusual going on there, rest assured. Chairman Xi Jinping remains firmly in control.

Flight tracking website shows empty sky over China amidst rumours of coup; over 9,000 flights cancelled | Aviation News | Zee News (india.com)
A source under the control of the Chinese government makes a statement that you choose to believe.

As I wrote in the OP, I've been guessing that there is no coup but I'm not going to make a definitive statement because I don't really know and neither do you.

In the meantime, I'll track rumors and what hard evidence there is.


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I tend to doubt it but I'm waiting for more evidence than a large number of flights cancelled and twitter speculation
#ChinaCoup trends on Twitter; rumours say Xi Jinping under house arrest, military in-charge

I just checked the AP site, World News section, and found a couple of recent articles on China, this one from an hour ago: China on Taiwan: 'External interference' won't be tolerated | AP News

Then this one earlier today: China using civilian ships to enhance navy capability, reach | AP News

Nothing about a coup.


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I also found another article in Bloomberg: China Security Official Gets Life Imprisonment as Xi Crushes ‘Political Clique’ - Bloomberg

Then Newsweek has a story about the internet rumors of a coup, but nothing is confirmed: Xi Jinping Trends Online Amid Coup Rumors, Canceled Flights (newsweek.com)

Chinese President Xi Jinping became one of the top trending topics on Twitter amid unsubstantiated reports he is under house arrest and that China is in the midst of a military coup.

Xi and the phrase #ChinaCoup trended on social media after tens of thousands of users spread unconfirmed rumors that the president was detained and overthrown by the China's People's Liberation Army.

This speculation, which has not been discussed by any reputable sources, arrived as there are hardly any commercial flights flying over the capital of Beijing on Saturday, with unverified reports claiming all trains and buses are also being canceled out of Beijing