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Can science disprove the existence of God?


Veteran Member
It depends on what you call god, what is your interpretation of god, for me personally god is all there is, the Cosmos and everything that is within is God to me. But when you see god as a personal god, a god that judges and all else, then no, no one can prove that, and I must say that no one has proven that yet.
No one has proven big foot doesn't exist, but does that mean he does, you can have a belief system about big foot, and you know that no one can say to you that he doesn't exist, its a comfortable little ploy, isn't it ?.

Milton Platt

Well-Known Member
Evil scientists are proving that YHWH exists everyday by inventing gadgets of war and following the Book of Revelation word for word.

RFID chips are going to prove the Mark of the Beast
Scalar weaponry has just turned 1/3 of World salt water into bitter water with Fukushima making the Pacific radioactive.
The Beast with 7 Heads and 10 Horns has been in place since the '60's with the 10 super-countries (NAFTA, EU, etc) and the G7 countries.

So scientists could easily prove that YHWH doesn't exist by :-
1) giving everyone a job
2) introducing cheap cold fusion technology that has been around since Nikola Tesla
3) allow humans to colonize off worlds

However, the Archon alien race live off fear and misery which is why the elite and scientists constantly create wars.

Russia gave everyone a job....and went bankrupt.
Why don't you do give us cheap cold fusion, if you know it exists, then you should know where it exists.......
Pick your planet and take off, dude.


Well-Known Jerk
Unfalsifiable statements are meaningless when it comes to science, but they may be full of meaning when it comes to mankind. Furthermore, as I have written in the opening post, a statement cannot be said to be false just because it is unfalsifiable. "I should love my mother" is an unfalsifiable claim, but that doesn't mean that the statement is false.

I don't know if I agree with the idea that unfalsifibale statements are meaningless in science, as they can still provide insight and direction. However, I find the unfalsifiability of God the most unconvincing argument for God's existence. I mean the argument, I can't prove God exist therefore God exist, is a rather weak argument for the existence of God.


Something and nothing springs to mind, describing color to a person who can only see in black and white.
We investigate something because we can determine it, however can we determine nothing, they co exist side by side, something and nothing, perhaps another dimension that sees our existence as nothing?

Perhaps another dimension that has no need of a sun, the bible refers to their being no need for the light of the sun in Gods presence, Total darkness exists in our vision without the sun. are we trapped in a belief that darkness refers to ignorance only?
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Well anyhow, quantum physics simply shows that what we believe is real is not and what we believe is not real is.
So where is this unreal God?