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Can science disprove the existence of God?


Well-Known Member
I don't understand why you won't accept my answer. It makes me sad. Spirit and substance rely on each other and define each other by each being what the other is not. Two sides of the same coin. On a regular "Coke machine" which side of the quarter goes in first?

Spirit and substance are one. Exactly how we know of death ONLY by living life. It's a truth so simple that it is also obvious.

Why do you so adamantly insist on only one side of the coin? Each is the other both by what it defines and by what it excludes. What could be more obvious? Can you imagine any concept more true?


Rogue Theologian
then all that follows is known.....
you are a complex accident.....along with 7billion+ 'accidents'....
your fate is known......dust in a box in the ground.
Eternal darkness is physically real....NOT a philosophical idea.

what isn't known.....the purpose of Man.
with no God or heaven.....nothing waiting to see what comes of the dust in your last hour.

I don't buy it.
Too many copies of a learning device to produce a unique spirit on each occasion.
no survivors of the last breath?
not one in billions?


Rogue Theologian
Yes, hooman beans generally. Adaptation and evolution. We came from apes, you know.
I get that too....and I don't mind the resemblance...
beats looking like a mole....

but more to topic....science can't disprove God.
that you chose substance.....is not His fault....


With really strong magnets they could probably get you to believe in God, well momentarily anyway. :p

Had my life flash before my eyes so many times, and survived through as much stuff as an action movie actor in real life lol. You might need some amps added to the magnets lol :D


Active Member
The Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics are crushed under the burden of proof/evidence, yet they don't realize.

This is so very true that all the people believing in god can't even agree on which is the god that actually exists.

Let me ask you a simple question: when a Muslim and an indu meet, who of them has the burden of proof?
Is the indu that needs to prove Shiva exists or the Muslim that needs to prove Allah exist?