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Can animals attain moksha?


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There is an example of a cow named Lakshmi who was very close and affectionate to Ramana Maharshi. There are many stories with respect to her devotion to Ramana. Since having genuine love and affection for an enlightened sage, even by an animal, constitute bhakti or devotion in a sense, Ramana at the time of her death worked on her liberation and confirmed it.

Similarly I have read case studies of dogs being liberated due to their good fortune of intimacy with enlightened sages.


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Naga were usually considered to be incapable of Nirvana, yet they were not denigrated for their sincere attempts (and likely many of the Liberated ones on earth, past present and future, may be Naga) As humans our cultures developed a anthocentricism that sometimes results in creating classifications and possibility/impossibility regarding species, we know of...But do not as a species ourselves, know much about.
When you talk of 'Naga', do not forget that Shesha is the constant companion of Lord Vishnu. He was with Rama as Lakshman, and as Balarama with Krishna. And he is all that survives when the Lord folds up the universe. That is why he is termed as 'Shesha' (the remainder). :)