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Bubba goes to Heaven

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ronald, May 1, 2006.

  1. Ronald

    Ronald Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2004
    Bubba Goes to Heaven

    It is early evening, Bubba Christian and his family are in the middle of supper, Bubba lifts his eyes to see Saint Peter standing before the Pearly Gates, ST. Peter beacons to Bubba. Bubba is startled, he stands up quickly, dropping both, his napkin and the Pork chop bone he was gnawing on, it falls into what’s left of the potato volcano crater filled with gravy! Bubba quickly wipes his mouth with the back of his hard, then dries his hand on his jeans.
    Suddenly he is wafted into the clouds and finds himself standing in front of the New Jerusalem! It is an awesome sight! Bubba has been here many times in his imagination, it’s more breathtaking than he had pictured.
    Bubba wants to see more and starts toward the door, ST. Peter hold up his hand in a sign of halt, Bubba stops, St. Peter is sniffing the air, the odor is emanating from Bubba! St. Peter Points to a sign on the gate “Blessed is he who washes his robe.” Under it “No unclean thing allowed”
    ST. Peter says to Bubba, “I thought you knew! The instructions were in Torah. There were many rehearsals, I thought you knew!”
    Bubba says “But I was promised salvation when I accepted Jesus!” ST. Peter says “You are Eternally Alive!” He continued “Yeshua warned you when he gave you the parable of the wedding feast, where one failed to do the masters will, and put on clean garments.” Bubba falls down, weeping and gnashes his teeth, he now knows the outer darkness.
    And Eternity Continues.