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Brahmakumaris on self-awareness and its relation to all-round success


Well-Known Member
Article by Sister B.K.Asha of the Brahmakumaris on being self-aware to perform correct actions and attract success.


To be able to make the right judgment and act suitably, I need to have a clear intellect. If I am caught up with my own needs and desires, I will not be able to read situations correctly, as my thinking will be clouded by my weaknesses.

Sometimes we know what we need to do to resolve a particular situation, but we are so crippled by our faults, be it anger, ego, jealousy, or sensitivity that we are unable to speak or act in the required manner and end up making matters worse.

To acquire the freedom to act the way I want, unfettered by emotions and my inner flaws, I need to connect with my true self, the spiritual being that is at the core of my identity.

This being, called the soul, is originally pure, peaceful, loving, and powerful. I need to remind myself of what I am really like and acknowledge the fact that my defects are not a part of me; they are harmful accretions acquired unwittingly. I need not be a hostage to these shortcomings, which have only given me sorrow.

Once I know who I am, and stop identifying with the defects that I have acquired, I begin to experience my inner virtues and start expressing them in my actions. The more I maintain this self-awareness, the freer I become from negative influences, whether they come from within or outside. I am then able to see things clearly and act properly, which brings success and saves me from a lot of sorrow. ~ B.K.Asha