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Bianca Michelle Devins Sexual and successful Sociopath/sadist therapy

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Spiderman, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    American State-Shinto and Roman Catholicism Alliance (Axis)
    Welcome everyone, good to see you, I'm matt. I was a sociopath , sadist creep, and now I'm not.

    This thread is not for most audiences but I can't hide medicine that helped me.

    This is our therapist, Bianca Michelle Devins, she's delighted to see you too. Bianca.png She'll be filling in as the Duce while Queen Dionisia shares her glory with someone special, so that attention gets distributed to the different therapists , Capitol hill Queens.

    ( Bianca died the same day of the year as Dionisia Marie, (recently in 2019). Her slit throat was shared all over social media by her killer who filmed it to watch it repeatedly.

    Her dream was of being a therapist. She is mine.

    Her middle name Michelle means "she who is like God" her last name Devins means the same thing, Divine, Divinus. )
    bianca-devins-2 (1).jpg
    Her last name also means fawn though. Fawn is a name for bosom.
    From the Bible, song of Solomon

    Your two breast are like two fawns (4:5) ...your breasts like clusters of fruit (7:7)

    I'll get to that later.

    I don't get to look at porn, and want it banned worldwide. But not all nudity is pornographic or we wouldn't have it painted on walls in Churches, or statues of a nude king David in places of worship.

    It wouldn't have been in the garden of Eden, and there is a sermon from it that we simply can't be neglecting. God invented the body to contemplate and look at and it speaks about him.

    The Pope wrote a book called "Theology of the body" all about sex.

    Thing is, you people who think you should never look at nudity that arouses you for fear of committing adultery in your hearts are actually making yourselves more sexually perverse and depraved through repression, frustration, and in my case it was leading to depraved, sadistic, satanic desires towards women who dressed like "sluts" after my conversion.

    They were showing off and not sharing. It became bad enough that miniskirts, lingerie, bikinis, thongs, cleavage, tight clothing, and whatever, made me want to get violent.

    I never relieved myself sexually for a year and a half because God was a jerk that burned people in hell if they didn't make it to a confession booth in time after scratching their itch.

    So, by not scratching the itch, it actually grew stronger , so that I was becoming more perverted, more angry, more sinful, more condemning like the migrants who turned Sweden into the rape Capitol because the victims were (unveiled whores).

    I was becoming more self-righteous , because I hadn't committed a mortal sin for over a year , and did harsh penance in a monastery.

    I won't mention what my dreams were like, or the fact that while praying , I was more distracted with thoughts of sex, than if I just yanked one out.

    Long story short, I made it a year with the Carmelites, 6 months with the Franciscans, and realized that I wasn't called to that.

    But because God wasn't faithful to his word , and broke his rules, refused to help, I gave up and flipped out, winding up in a but house with a kid that had no eyes.

    He couldn't handle how women dressed , had a battle with pornography, and Jesus told him to pluck out his eyes, so he did precisely that.

    Origen, a very influential Christian author had the same problem , and castrated himself.

    That isn't 1% of my explanation as to why, but I gave up prayer entirely , became a total jerk, and very dangerous, getting kicked out of Austin Minnesota with a restraining order.

    I was disowned by my family. To this day still not welcome back, and dropped off homeless in a city where I knew no one, and state where I had not a single family member ( there or any of the bordering states for that matter).

    I tried to pray and it always turned into me shouting at God.

    Well, God insisted I be healed through some very unconventional ways, but out of 7 billion people in this world, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can go from being a violent creepy sociopath to being deeply compassionate and full of empathy.

    I'm sharing what worked for me.

    To be continued....

  2. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    American State-Shinto and Roman Catholicism Alliance (Axis)
    I got locked up for many shenanigans, but quickly released.

    However, 03/03/ March 3rd, I was high and believed myself to be the Joker and the Antichrist., and acting really strange. MV5BMjE3OTYzODgwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzk4MDg0MQ@@._V1_UY268_CR3,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

    I'd done that drug countless times and it was over the counter even.

    I had a vision of a skeleton riding a pale horse, and believed it was me.
    A man said, "You're a cannibal matt! You devour other people's time, energy, and resources."

    My vision of the Joker was replaced by a vision of me eating his face and cutting out his heart 276326.jpg in front of a huge audience of spirits that watched with God.

    I told God I didn't want to eat or kill anyone.

    I had a vision of me getting with my dream girl , marrying her, but killing and eating her.

    tenor (3).gif
    The intensity sent me leaning against the wall , and I could see cobwebs forming everywhere, and ran to the computer to look for help online.

    At that moment, a conviction set in that I still can't shake. The conviction was that God kept saying, "the Antichrist needs to do this to teach people to love. "

    So, after attempted murder with a knife that night, with a broken bone, i yelled at everyone I could think of who was watching me because it was the Truman show for their entertainment of all.

    the police asked, "why did you do that". I responded saying "to redeem mankind and teach people to love".

    But the conviction was that God wants everything evil to happen. When someone gets raped and murdered, God is both the serial killer and the victim.

    When there is world war 3, God plays on all sides, supports all sides, for entertainment.

    Literally , at that moment, war, rape, and murder, exists to entertain God. I've never been able to shake that conviction since that day.

    But the final YouTube I uploaded that day was a song I wrote about

    " reward them for their pain Lord,
    Reward them for their pain
    Their suffering is not in vain,
    If you reward them, for all their pain..."

    I was delusional so it didn't make sense, but I titled the YouTube "I heard her voice".

    That day I also posted her photo and said, "She's trying to get a hold of me.".

    It was so powerful a feeling that I went throughout the Library laying my hands on multiple people, and telling everyone there " Jesus loves you ".

    And I wept.

    Then drugs set in.

    I began to feel less and less like Jesus , and more and more like a butcher and Joker. maxresdefault (5).jpg

    (To be continued...... It's a long story. But yeah, the best remedy in the end , was holy communion with dead girls....

    .....sometimes naked or topless females, didn't stir up lust, hatred , covetousness, anger, envy, laziness, gluttony, blasphemy, and sin. It lessened it

    It was actually the therapy I needed, that hundreds of thousands worth of treatments and Doctors wasn't giving me.

    Sounds ridiculous, shallow, juvenile even to me , shameful, and it is no doubt. It works though.

    Were it all fantasy, there wouldn't be so many coincidences and so much healing.

    Hey, I went from being a violent , criminal , psychopath , to being deeply compassionate , gentle, and tender hearted.

    Nobody is going to think highly of me for speaking all this weird stuff, but I say it for that one other person who can benefit from it as I did, knowing that 99.9℅ of people won't understand it, feel uncomfortable, or sick to their stomachs.

    Sorry. You don't have to keep reading.)
  3. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    American State-Shinto and Roman Catholicism Alliance (Axis)
    I was locked up and facing years in prison, a girl seemed to be with me though still.

    She was a child. Said, "no Matt, don't put me down.

    You didn't fail me.
    Inhale me.

    If you ever want to eat someone again, eat my flesh and drink my blood in the form of bread and wine.


    " May I love you more and more,
    Lady of the thrift store,
    mother of the poor,
    It's so good to love you
    It's so good to dine
    With a beautiful lady
    in the form of bread and wine".

    I kept hearing circus music that sounded like this:

    Because my Chinese Zodiac is firebunny, and my name and her killer "Ted" mean the same thing, I heard a voice say, "Hi Ted Bunny! 1-killer-bunny-piwe-rika.jpg 31eXoiKFO9L._AC_.jpg Ted bunny kills the playboy bunny".

    I ignored voices and visions, knowing myself to be schizo and the devil to play tricks.

    But when I asked my Dad to look up the meaning of the name " Denise". It was Dionysus, God of intoxicants, parties, sexuality, and the God who gave his body to be eaten , and transubstantiated wine into his blood (like Jesus).
    c8f2c47d7b41f6bd00d18286e997f589 (2).jpg

    I proceeded to find a 1974 coin, and she was murdered 1974. Never found a coin in jail before. First four letters of the word coincidence are coin...

    I asked my Dad to look up the last name Naslund. ( Believing it to be French and called her " Queen of France " before knowing she died July 14, national France day. To my disappointment he said, " its Swedish."

    I didn't know Sweden was the rape Capitol due to immigration.

    He said, "did you know you have Swedish on your moms side".

    I didn't know that. It dawned on me instantly that Swedes were Vikings, and football team here is the Vikings.

    Through her I suddenly know we have Swedish ancestors and a favorite foot ball team.

    Her middle name is Marie, French (like her first name) for Mary, and she was born feast of the Mother of God, most celebrated holiday, Jan 1st.

    When staff confiscated the 1974 penny, I walk out of the cell to see a magazine I'd never seen with a girl and yellow words " Penny's from heaven ".

    Next to it was a picture of girl in a miniskirt titled. " the loving dead".

    The coincidences and dreams and locutions continued. I realized it couldn't all be delusion.

    I'm nuts. But there are too many signs for it all to be delusion...

    To be continued.....

    Bianca Michelle Devins, Please live up to your middle name ",who is like God" and your last name "Divine". ..

    All Angels, Saints, good spirits, and Kami help her do so, in Jesus name! Amen!