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Best Middle East combinations?


Well-Known Member
My favourite vacation I ever took was Dubai and Sharjah in 2004. One day I would like to see Abu Dhabi and maybe Dubai again.

What about doing Jordan and Israel together ?

Which Iranic countries are safe to visit because Afganistan is not stable and Iran has unfairly imprisoned Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe.

Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Krygystan and Azerbaijan in one trip? Kazakhstan is too big

I want to see the difference between Arab and Persian culture. Israel's Jewish culture is also interesting.


Well-Known Member
May your travel wishes someday be possible.

Morrocco and Tunisia interest me because Marrakech and also because of the Star Wars sets in Tunisia.

Jordan has lots of interesting temples and caves from the Indiana Jones movies. Israel has Jerusalem.

UAE isn't a huge deal for me as its commercialised and I've already been once but I haven't been to Abu Dhabi so maybe that's worth a look


Well-Known Member
First and foremost I really want to see Japan and South Korea and also see North India. Unfortunately Etihad doesn't fly to Amritsar because I could've done Abu Dhabi with India.

The climate between Arabia and Japan/South Korea is too different for the same trip: I'd have to take 2 sets of clothes.