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Believing in God, but not Jesus

Discussion in 'Comparative Religion' started by tigersgrowl1093, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. tigersgrowl1093

    tigersgrowl1093 New Member

    I have been having issues with this. I don't need a label, but it would be easier, you know??

    I believe in God. I don't, however, believe Jesus was a prophet. I believe he was a false prophet.

    Please, no bashing, no cajoling, no trying to get me to believe what you do.

    I will honor your opinions, so please honor mine.
  2. Katzpur

    Katzpur Not your average Mormon

    LDS Christian
    Well, how do you envision God? A lot of people believe in a Higher Power, so to speak, but not the Abrahamic God. If you believe in the Abrahamic God (the God of the Bible), you might want to look into Judaism (of course, you'd have to actually convert, not being born to a Jewish mother). If you don't think Judaism is for you, you might want to check out Unitarian Universalism. I'm not saying this disrespectfully, but you can be a UU and have pretty much any understanding of God that suits you.
  3. Tarheeler

    Tarheeler Argumentative Curmudgeon Staff Member Premium Member

    That was one of the things that got me looking into Judaism.

    I believe in the God of Abraham, but rejected several of the central ideas of Christianity. Luckily, it's not the only religion out there.

    Do some reading. I suggest making a list of what you think is right, then examine as many religions as you can to find out what they say.

    Like Katzpur said, if you're partial to the Abrahamic God, there's Judaism and UU, as well as Islam and Baha'i. If not, then the choices are almost unlimited. You should also look at the Seekers DIR - Religious Education Forum
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  4. Madhuri

    Madhuri RF Goddess Staff Member Premium Member

    Bhagavad Gita - SD
    What exactly are you wanting to discuss here? Did you have a question or are you looking for advice?
  5. Midnight Pete

    Midnight Pete New Member


    But what kind of a conversation can we have?
  6. enchanted_one1975

    enchanted_one1975 Resident Lycanthrope

    Is it the Abrahamic God than you believe in? Do you believe there was a different prophet? You may have Jewish beliefs, Islamic beliefs, or some other beliefs altogether.
  7. Reverend Rick

    Reverend Rick Frubal Whore Staff Member Premium Member

    We could have a discussion, I believe the OP just does not want to debate.

    My question is, do you believe that Jesus existed?

    Another question is, perhaps you have an issue with how Paul portrays Jesus and not how Jesus actually portrayed himself. Have you examined this?
  8. tigersgrowl1093

    tigersgrowl1093 New Member

    Okay, to clear some things up:

    I do believe in the Abrahamic God.
    I believe everything the Old Testament says, because in my mind, that scripture is coming from God, and being dictated by men.
    I believe the New Testament is coming solely from men.
    I believe Jesus is a false prophet because of things God says in the OT, and in things Jesus says himself, and the fact that he called himself THE son of God.
    I believe in all the "prophets" leading up to him (Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc) because none claimed to be God's incarnation.

    "If the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the oracle does not come true, that oracle was not spoken by the Lord." (Deut. 18:22)

    "Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the son of man has come." (Matt 10:23)

    “Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation” (Matt 23:36)

    Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees, telling them everything in this city (adultery, wickedness) would be risen against. He clearly states, THIS GENERATION. From every thing I've read on this subject, there is no way that Greek "this generation" could even mean any other generation but THAT one.

    There are a few more, but like I said, I don't want this to be a debate. If anyone wants to explain their viewpoint on those, I would be more than happy to hear them.
  9. Katzpur

    Katzpur Not your average Mormon

    LDS Christian
    I would suggest the following:

    1. Read the OP of this thread: You're a What? You'll find it interesting, and possibly pertinent to your question.
    2. Consider the possibility that your interpretations of the scriptures you mentioned might be inaccurate.
  10. 9-10ths_Penguin

    9-10ths_Penguin 1/10 Superstylin' Staff Member Premium Member

    None (atheist)
    There's always the Belief-o-Matic. It probably won't give you a hard-and-fast "you're a _______!" answer, but it might point you toward some religions/denominations that are generally in line with what you believe.
  11. Thief

    Thief Rogue Theologian

    Isn't this posting virtually identical to another thread you have started?

    You seem 'fixed' on what appears a contradiction.

    Denying that Jesus is the Son of God is one thing.
    Denying Him as a prophet is something else.

    Of Himself He did say...'brother and fellow servant'.
    Is this also too much for you?...or do you deny it?
  12. islam means peace

    islam means peace Member

    Well, no body can force you to believe any thing its your personal will to believe or not.

    Simply, what i can say is by not believing in Prophet Eisa alisalam (Jesus) you are denying the commandment of Allah(GOD) , If you believe in Allah(GOD) also believe and try to obey its commandments.

    I also want to know why did you believe this? Did you have any prove to believe this? (i believe you can not prove this) prove it if you are right?

    Any claim or thing prove it?

    IAMDONE New Member

    Jesus was a good lil' fishey that was doing what he thought was right in his own Martyry kinda way.
    He was a wise man (Pooping on the minds of old men as a child)
    He was likely a genius as well.

    IAMDONE New Member

    I guess in some sense you could call him a false prophet but he died good and taught people a few things so I like him.
    I think he may have been a Buddha.
  15. Poisonshady313

    Poisonshady313 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like your beliefs are pretty much in line with Judaism. However, if you don't think that path is the one for you, then consider this if you will.

    Most people have heard of the so-called ‘Ten Commandments’, but what they don't know is that 'Ten Commandments' is a mistranslation. In the original Hebrew, ‘Aseret HaDibrot' correctly translates as ‘Ten Statements’, and it was ten statements that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, carved on two stone tablets. According to Jewish tradition (which comes from the Divine revelation to Moses at Mount Sinai), the Torah of Moses contains 613 commandments for the Jewish people and 7 commandments for everyone else. One of the commandments given to the Jewish people was to be ‘a light unto the (non-Jewish) nations’, and as part of fulfilling this task they have preserved in the Talmud the ‘Universal Code of Seven Noachide Commandments’.

    Noachides (descendants of Noah) are righteous gentiles who observe the seven universal commandments of the biblical covenant that G-d made with Noah as taught in Orthodox Judaism.

    The biblical covenant of Noah (symbolized by the rainbow) is a Di
    vine promise to never again destroy humanity. The Jewish tradition informs us that in return for this promise, all humanity must observe the seven Noachide commandments. This is the Divine plan for world peace.

    Believe and trust in G-d - Do not worship idols
    Respect and praise G-d - Do not blaspheme
    Respect the sanctity of human life - Do not murder
    Respect family values - Do not be sexually perverse
    Respect the rights and property of others - Do not steal
    Respect all creatures - Do not eat flesh from a live animal
    Responsibility for society - Establish systems of justice and education

    You can explore this website for more information. Hope it helps.

    Noachide.org.uk - The Bnai Noach of the UK
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