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"Before I'm Gone" -Theme for Feb. 21st!

Feathers in Hair

World's Tallest Hobbit
*tries to pretend that she hasn't let her mind wander off from the topic and that it hasn't been more than a week since the last thread*

A theme for this week is "Before I'm Gone", a popular 'meme' wherein those that wish to
can list the things they wish to accomplish during this lifetime. What are our hopes, our dreams? Let's get to know each other even more!

Also, if you know of a good theme, or would prefer to write about something else, please let the group know! We could either do it this week or devote a different week to it!

Remember, this is a great way to get coins, frubals, ribbons and comments in your journal!


Flaming Queer
actually Meggie, the more i think about this, there are different levels of achievement that i want within different time limits, except i've never tkaen the time to actually examine them - this could be really good for me! :)


Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
I haven't started.................:( and I am running short on time....(as in life):cover: :cover: - and I am pressed for time here..................

where can I buy time?