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Be a contemplative politician

Discussion in 'The Political World' started by PopeADope, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. PopeADope

    PopeADope Habemus papam

    Dec 23, 2014
    Amish Taliban

    A Contemplative politician is an invention of mine, but I'm sure others have practiced it.

    In the Catholic Church, when a person becomes a consecrated monk or nun, their order is either contemplative or active, or both. A contemplative order is an order that is cloistered and their mission is to pray for those who are active.


    Missionaries, evangelists, and people caring for the sick and educating the ignorant would be considered active.

    Saint Therese the little flower wanted to be an active missionary. Christ told her she was instead to be cloistered in a Carmelite convent. Reluctantly she chose that vocation. Since she could not be a missionary, she prayed incessantly for missionaries, and offered up her every chore as a little offering with great love. She wrote a book called the little way, about doing little things with great love.

    She died at the age of 24, accomplishing nothing great, but her book influenced countless people and she became one of the 33 doctors of the Church, was declared by a Pope to be the greatest Saint of Modern times, and despite never becoming a missionary, became the patron Saint of missionaries and missions.

    So, never accomplishing anything great, but doing little things with great love, she became exalted as a greater Saint than the missionaries she was so envious of.

    So, a contemplative politician does the same. Like myself, many of us cannot become active politicians, but could we become such, many of us would desire that vocation above what we are eligible for. So, the contemplative politician does nothing great, but little things with great love and fervent prayer, and everything becomes an offering for politicians, that they would be inspired by the spirit of God and influenced by God, that healthy politicians get elected worldwide, who will be anointed to know what is best for their nation, and make the best decisions for creating a most healthy society, economy, budget, and jobs.

    If done as Saint Therese executed her very successful vocation and became greater than the active missionaries, I don't see why a contemplative politician can't become more influential than an active politician by becoming a channeler of God's grace, causing it to flood into the hearts of the active politicians and changing governments, election results, and changing the world.

    A contemplative politician stands in the gap and intercedes for the active politicians. In Scripture, one intercessor standing in the gap for a nation had saved entire nations, so it's worth a shot. If you have a passion for prayer and a passion for politics, you might want to give this a shot! ;)

    Plus, I live right next to the capitol building, which is modeled after Saint Peter's basilica, so it has become my most holy spot of pilgrimage to pray. My therapist thinks my vocation as contemplative politician is both interesting and a great idea.

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