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Basic Requirement for Answered Prayers which can bring Peace to Humanity.


Peace be upon you.
Peace be on you. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran: “ Or, Who answers the distressed person when he calls upon Him….” (Surah Al-Naml chapter 27: words from verse 63). And He then states that Allah alone listens.

Full Trust in Allah
The word Muztar’ra is used in the verse. Here it does not mean a person who is simply distressed because a worried person may choose a wrong way which worsen this person’s poblems. In the vesre, Muztar’ra means the person who finds fires-of-difficulties and unrest all around and finds no way for success and peace and this person focuses on Allah Almighty with full trust.

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) Explains
This condition is mentioned by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in a prayer: “la malja’aa wa la manja’aa miinka illa elayka” ………… O Allah there is no place of refuge from torment and misfortunes that comes from You, I am despair of everywhere else and come into Your refuge.

Only Allah can fullfil needs of everyone
Human can face various difficulties in life. For example a poor person does not have proper clothing and he is helped by a kind person who gifts him clothings. But if poor person has health issues, only a doctor may treat him. But doctor cannot resolve poor person’s other problems. So on and so forth………Even a King’s son may remain helpless in jungle when a beast attacks him; there only Allah can help him…………All needs of people in trouble cannot be fulfilled by every one. It is only Allah Who can help every one’s every need. Muztar is a person who has complete trust and belief that only Allah can help him / her. The relation with Allah brings all blessings. This relation lifts the fallen people to the great heights.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)’s Prayers brought Revolutionary Changes
The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) infused in his beloved followers, the relation with Allah. Prior to him (s.a.w.), Arabs were the such people who did not follow any system and they were undisciplined. They had no treasury . They would fight over little matters, even on no-matters and over fasle pride……..In the times of ignorance: Once someone said to a King that a particular man would never accept your authority. The King invited that man for dinner for test. He came alongwith his mother. During the dinner, King’s mother who had been hosting and serving personally, asked guest’s mother to pass on a tray of food. The guest woman took it as offence and yelled to his son that she had been insulted. The son, the guest, did not check the reality and leaped for a sword and chopped the head of the host, the King.

How the prayers of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) revolutionized the ignorants?……..Once Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) was in mosque and asked the people to sit down. This order was for people inside. A Companion (r.a.) heard these words while he was on street. He sat down and started to crawl. When someone asked him why he was doing so, he replied he heard the words of his Beloved Master (s.a.w.) and he wanted to fullfil those words by letters.

The people of Medina were considered inferior, prior to the advent of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) because they were not fighters and they toiled the earth for agriculture. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and Companions had to migrate from Mecca to Madina because they were seriously persecuted for 13 long years. Disbelievers’ were still thirsty for finishing Divine Message and they went after believers with full preparations. They wanted to annihilate them in the battle of Badr. They were led by Abu Jahl, the Chief, the Chief of Persecutors. In the battle field, he was standing wearing full armor shields, being guarded by seasoned military men. The two believing boys from Madina aged 15 or so, asked a Comapnion (r.a.) who Abu Jahl was? Then they flashed like lightening, and The Chief of Arrogants, The Chief of Killers Abu Jahl was on the ground, seriously wounded, and latter died in the same field. His arrogance did not subsided till end; he expressed sadness that he was dying at the hands of two Madinite boys………Where did that courage in two young boys come from – the boys who were considered fom inferiors? Handful and practically empty handed Comapnios of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) defeated the fully armed army which came to wipe out the already persecuted innocents.

A man wanted to marry a woman, but her father would not allow the man to have a look at her face. The man complained to Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), he said the man could see the face of her would-be bride…….But her father still would not allow. Young woman was hearing from inside the house. She came out and said, Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) words are superior….. The man casted his eyes low and said now he did not need to look at her because the her belief and passion is very pure and he wanted exactly that type of life-partner.

The Effect of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)’s Prayers Continues
The Prayers of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) are working and the promised revival of faith has been in progress; the promised Messiah has re-kindled the passions for belief. Despite persecution, the courage of Community has always been high with their knowledge, superior…….There was a very simple man who used to serve promised Messiah Mahdi in his various works. The man would go to post office in nearby town or worked as courier in internal circles…… At the railway station of nearby town, there used to stand a clergy man, who would try to stop every visitor who was going to see promised Messiah. He stoped this very simple courier too and advised him not to see the reviver. The courier replied: I am not a scholar but I am observing since years that you (the clergy) has changed several shoes in chasing the visitors but people from all over continue to pour in to meet the Promised Messiah. There has to be some reason!

A famous pastor came to the town of promised Messiah in India, when it was colony. He mocked that streets were not clean. A companion of promised Messiah reversed the pun and said: This place is still under administrative control of followers of first Messiah………. Then the visitor came to see second Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah and asked him: What does Islam says about reincarnation? [Eventhough it is obvious that Islam does not approve the theory of reincarnation, but he asked anyway. Allah put in the heart of Holy Khalifah that the visitor is hiding the actual question and subsequently he is going to ask: Then how your Promised Messiah became like Original Messiah?]. The second Holy Khalifah told the visitor that they believed their Promised Messiah possessed the morals of Original Messiah.

Then, the visitor asked: What kind of place should be where a Prophet should be sent? Again, Allah disclosed the real intention of the visitor which was: Then how from an unknown place in India, the message of reform would transmit worldwide? The Holy Khalifah smiled and said: There were 10 or 12 houses of believers in Nazirath, then how the message of first Messiah was transmitted? The man turned pale.

Once a debator (whose pupose was debate only) asked the second Holy Khalifah to prove the truth of Promised Messiah from Holy Quran. The Holy man said with solid trust on Allah that each verse could do that. The debator presented the verse: “And of the people there are some who say, ‘We believe in Allah and the Last Day;’ while they are not believers at all.” (ch 2: v 9)……He had already asked that believers were already practicing then what was the need of Prophet? The Holy Khalifah reported: I knew Allah has exerted special influence on the asker in his asking this verse. The Holy Khalifah asked him: To whom this verse came -- to the believers or disbelievers? . The asker said: To believers. Then Holy Khalifah told him: It meant that some of believers were going to be weak and when that happens, does not Allah send Prophet for reformation? The man was speechless.

Reforms with the help of Allah only
Allah grants His special help to those who pray like Muztar; they keep no hope in anyone else other than Allah and they are sure, when they pray, that only Allah can help them. Allah is the source of all powers. Allah can change hearts for reforms. For that, it is necessary to prostrate before Allah.

Reference: Benefited from Friday sermon, February 22, 2013, through MTAi, by fifth Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah and Mahd (a.s.), the ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).
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