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At your service Khamanei!


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Mukhtar and Zaid were both political leaders and with their religious knowledge would return the power to the Imam of their time. I don’t believe Taqlid but I do believe in commanding to good and forbidding evil and leading politically. Ironically Taqlid is used as excuse to escape duty to people who are helping Imam of our time like Zaid and Mukhtar. These two have contradictory hadiths about them but the authentic and more numerous proven they were helpers of Imam of their time. Khomeini is a helper of Imam Of our time and so is our political leader and holder of the fort Khamanei. Just like it was obligatory to support Zaid and Mukhtar the same is true of supporting political Khamanei and Nasrallah. Please Shiites don’t work against each other and please remember the famous sermon of Imam Ali of arrogance of Satan and what bani Israel did to be saved from Pharaoh in Nahjul balagha. I’m a democratic anarchist but at this point it’s just semantics which is important for enlightenment of society but we all got to support Iran. Those who claim to believe in Imam Hussain but who sabotage the government of Iran and the stronghold of the lovers of Ahlulbayt will be in the lowest fire and those will be outside the door of light on the day of judgement. Islam and Shiites are not to be trifled with nor are the insights by Ahlulbayt to Quran something we are allowed to ignore. I don’t believe in Wf but it’s semantic issue that has to be put on hold as the enemies move against us. Shiites on you is to support help and love one another, for we don’t this just for our own interests but for all oppressed. We are the hope and only thing that will save the oppressed and we are the ones awaiting the leader and guide of our time. Yes the oppressors were kind to some of us refugees and immigrants and allow us freedom of religion but that favor on us doesn’t give them the right to oppress others. We won’t take side of oppressors because they gave us citizenship or jobs or anything. Iran is our fort it falls and maybe the length of ghayba increase and maybe if we abandon Ahlulbayt and Quran the world will be destroyed with a few believers when Imam Mahdi appear or even one believer like in Suratal Yaseen. We are the only chance the world will be saved from the catastrophic punishment Ad and Thamood faced. Look at what they doing to Chinese Muslims be sure Like Quran says we don’t resist and not a mosque left standing not a church either nor a synagogue. Hijab banned in France was testing the waters. That is not the least of the plans for they plan on breaking the family unit and signs of this is occurring but still they not close to that but they will push and push. When they cut off our blood bonds and family unit dies what good is resistance then. Please Shiites don’t think Iran falls and they give us right to practice religion you will see generations will be treated like what China does to Muslims now and world is silent. We are the resistance and no Shiite has the right to work with the enemy to break our stronghold. Be humble and support Khamanei.

As for me, I am going to the Zeratul route. He betrayed the Protoss in their eyes only to save them. So Khamanei and their followers may hate me and my way of thinking, but one day they will understand how it will help us all.

Till then everyone, support Khamanei and Nasrallah two marvels of our time.