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As the darkness consumes my soul

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. Link

    Link Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    Dark deeds opened enough gate ways
    By which devils wrecked havoc in our soul
    The barriers of protection began to break
    But through his name
    His name which is his word of light brought to life

    We remembered
    Remembered there in the moments of peril
    The one who is the intimate of every lonely stranger
    The refuge of every abandoned outcast
    The friend of who has no friends
    The beloved of those who free their hearts from attachment to what is vain

    The heart didn't lose it's beat
    But began to fight
    Cutting off all other then him
    And ready to do battle once more
    by the sword of God
    Which is his name

    Oh God - our shameless sins have distanced us from you
    But remembrance of your love and grace has attached us closer to you
    We disobeyed and were unjust in our relationship to you
    Oh God - as the darkness began to consume
    As the soul began to rebel
    As the imagination began to search for doubts
    And as the chaotic whispers began to create whirlwinds destroying the foundations of who I am

    I remembered you therein
    As the best helper
    So be there
    Be there in the hardship
    In the intense trial
    And help me fight the devils
    And win my soul back once and for all

    I am the one who was insolent to the Lord of the great throne
    I am the one who betrayed your chosen Kings and Guides
    I am the one who ruined your favors and turned away from your blessings
    I am the one who disobeyed the Guiding Master
    I am the one who showed boldness to the Creator of the Universe

    Your stars in this sky of this world have not dimmed yet in my soul
    I remember the family of the reminder
    The recipients of your lights
    And awaken to the magic world and sky that connects us all
    By the mystic link we are all bound

    Oh God Gog and Magog oppress the believers
    And cause mischief in the land
    They have misguided so many
    And turn so many to disbelievers
    They plan and you plan
    And you are the best of planners
    So join me part of your plan
    And let me see in the family of Mohammad what they hope
    And in their enemies what they fear

    Oh God destroy the oppressors
    And relieve the oppressed
    Like you did in the past
    And hasten the deliverance of your people and friends
    And hasten the victory and let me be part of it, be my part small or big
    Let me be contribute to your victory

    My tears are from fear
    Thinking of the consequences of ignoring the plight of the oppressed
    Wasting my life away in your displeasure
    And as the darkness gain sway in me
    So does the propaganda of the dark ones gain sway
    And here I am
    Having done nothing for your service
    Yet irrationally deluding myself heaven is mine

    Oh God
    If you destroy me I am well deserving of that
    And if you deliver me and bring me in the fold of your grace
    Then how many times have you done that before
    To servants who were even worse states then me
    But they turned to you calling you and hoping in you

    Oh God
    How many servants when the fire of passions
    Became high decided to leave your path
    But I beg you
    As the passions and those animal fires wreak havoc in my soul
    To not let me abandon your path of guidance
    And lead me back to the pond of your Prophet
    And make me die on the creed of Mohamad
    The beloved doctor of my heart
    And save me through the love of Ali I have so fought for
    And hold on to in the darkest moment of peril

    No more evil deeds
    I am sick of them
    My Lord
    Free me of them all

    I have nothing
    Neither this world
    Nor the next
    Nor You
    But Here I am praying
    I am asking
    I am holding to your handhold in this moment of peril

    Make me one who devotes his life to you
    And not waste in extravagance and pleasures that will disappear
    But rather make me strive in your path
    And let me be guided by the means you guide who you guide

    As the darkness begins to consume
    Trying to make beautiful what is ugly
    And make ugly what is beautiful
    Confuse me from right and wrong
    And seek to make murky what you clarified to me
    As the desires call to rebellion
    I see my soul crashing away from your straight path
    So here I am calling you
    Seeking your Help

    Give me power from your holy spirit
    And Save me by it