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Are you one of the people who see 100 million colors?


Aura of atheification
Premium Member
If you can see any letters in this picture, then you probably are.


Source (in portuguese):

Encontrada mulher que vê 99 milhões de cores a mais do que nós. Faça o teste e descubra se também é um tetracromata | HypeScience

Some info in English:

Color + Design Blog / Tetrachromacy in Humans: You May Have Super Color Vision by COLOURlovers :: COLOURlovers


Amateur Rambler / Proud Ergi
Premium Member
I can kind of distinguish a slight difference of color in the first circle, but the contrast isn't enough to make out an identifiable letter. I can't tell if any differences of color in the other two are actually different, or optical illusions on my part.

EDIT: from the article: Unfortunately, for half the population, it seems in order to lay claim to such super color vision you need to have two X chromosomes. Yeah, that kind of explains it. ^_^


Consults with Trees
Staff member
Premium Member
A test like this might not be as accurate with a computer monitor. One would need to be doing it with a printed sheet of paper to control for calibration idiosyncrasies, I think.


Hamburgler Extraordinaire
My female friend probably could. I was helping her decide what colors to paint her living room and kitchen the other day. "It's all egg white or ivory white...coffee mousse or taupe." I can't see the difference between azure snow or meadow green.


What? Me worry?
I just showed the circles to my wife without giving her any context. She, with no hesitation, said there was an 'O' in the red, an 'E' in the yellow, and a 'P or B' in the green. She is a scary lady.