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Are there any Zoroastrians here?


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The 5 prayers and washing before prayers are also Zoroastrian.
5 prayers are 'grihasthagni' (or Garhastyagni), ORIGINALLY; pre-Zoroastrian and pre-Vedic. The house-holder and the spouse were given the fire from the hearth of groom's father at the time of their marriage, and were supposed to tend the fire and pour oblations for the deities five times a day all through their life. I think the fire was extinguished only when one of the partners died. Various commentators of "Shrauta Sutras" (writings explaining rituals for Aryans):

Shrauta traditions presently alive are:
  • Rig veda: Ashvalayana (Shakala) and Sankhayana (Kausitaki)
  • Sama veda: Drahyayana (Kauthuma), Latyayana (Ranayaniya), Jaiminiya
  • Krishna Yajurveda: Baudhayana, Vadhoola, Bharadvaja, Apastamba, Hiranyakesin, Vaikhanasa (for Taittiriya) and Manava, Varaha (for Maitrayani)
  • Shukla Yajurveda: Katyayana (for Kanva and Madhyandina both)
  • Atharva Veda: Vaitana (Shaunaka and Paippalada)
  • Yajur Veda
Shrauta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(I think 'Drahyayana' refers to the 'Druhyu' tribe somewhere in Afghanistan. Wikipedia also asks me to check Druhtinaz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Druid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Zoroastrians do accept converts and history shows that this has mostly always been the case, but the Parsis in India don't accept converts. They stopped being outward with the Religion when Islam came on the scene and did its usual thing... Historic Mazdaism pre-Islam has always accepted converts.


We need to find some more Zoroastrians :|

There's another poster here by the name of InquisitiveScholar who is also a Zoroastrian convert. There was an older poster who I was friends with but he hasn't been here in years known as El Majusi.

For many years, I was the sole Zoroastrian on this forum. It's nice to have others.