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Are all Atmans the same Atman (Brahman)?

Discussion in 'Monism' started by The Sum of Awe, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. The Sum of Awe

    The Sum of Awe Realitarian

    Jan 23, 2011
    If we're all the same Atman wouldn't the only way that would work be if the last being in existence is the last life we are to live? The last life before we reach enlightenment? If so, we've (I've) got a LONG ways to go.
  2. SalixIncendium

    SalixIncendium Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Dec 18, 2016
    Advaita Vedanta
    The Atman is already enlightened. It is the jiva that is unenlightened, as the jiva is ignorant of his/her true nature.

    When an unenlightened jiva sees an enlightened person (jivanmukta), s/he says, "Look, that person is enlightened." They are perceiving them as such because the jiva is perceiving from vyavaharika. Jivanmukta don't perceive themselves as enlightened, as their perception is already in Paramartika. They are already experiencing their true nature in Absolute Reality (Brahman).

    Think of this in terms of non-lucid dreaming versus lucid dreaming. If the dreamer is ignorant of the dream, their perception is only within the dream and that dream is their only reality. However, if one is experiencing a lucid dream in which they realize the dreamer is illusory and not their true nature, they have an entirely different perception of the dream itself, as they realize the waking state is the true reality and that the dream state is illusory.

    And to answer the question in the title, yes. All Atmans are the same Atman, which is Brahman, though they appear as different Atmans. All waves in the ocean are the same ocean, only each wave appears as an individual wave.
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