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Applying Taoism in modern life

Discussion in 'Taoism DIR' started by Karolina, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Karolina

    Karolina Member

    Nov 18, 2019
    Generically Monotheistic/Taoist-leaning
    I'm relatively new to Taoism in that I've spent my life on a spiritual journey researching world religions and considering conversion to several over the years. Once I figured out that I was asking the wrong God question (namely, "who" is God, rather than starting more basically with "what" God is), I landed yet again in Taoism.

    I have several questions regarding the practice of Taoism in modern life.
    Is it common for modern Taoists to combine beliefs or practices with other faith traditions?
    Are there generally any meetings for philosophical (not religious) Taoists in the Western world?
    Do Taoists brought up with Taoism consider people who come to call themselves Taoists as adults as frauds?
    Is modern day Taoism discernibly different from the pan-new-age spirituality?

    Thank you to anyone willing to tackle any of these for me!