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Appeal to Religion


The Devil's Advocate
As someone who was raised in a religious cult and am now an atheist, it is hard to brush off how I lived before I "converted." I sometimes am drawn to certain religions and actually have a longing to follow one (or many if it is an eclectic path). So my question to those religious-to-atheism atheists on here is if you have gone through the same feelings of wanting and desiring to join a religion, but ultimately not doing so. And if you have gone through a period of atheist-religious-back to atheist, what made you come back to atheism instead of staying in that religion?


Veteran Member
Premium Member
Religion? How's atheism a religion?

I used to consider myself a Christian, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. But since I've realized that it has no empirical foundation.

As for wanting a religion, while I can understand the appeal, there's no rational reason to believe something just cause it's appealing.


The Devil's Advocate
I wasn't equating atheism to a religion, I was just trying to word the question to be easily comprehended.