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Anyone Make Music?


Mother Heathen
Have most of my stuff here: Soundation

Be kind, I just bought a midi controller two days ago (haven't set it up yet) and up until now I've had to enter all the notes by hand, hence the choppy playing and the awful timing. :p

Edit: also, anything that says "arm" in the title (another random mess) is basically the same song so no need to check out more than one of those (the newest one, arm9, is closest to what I'm aiming for).

Don't beat yourself up. Not bad at all! I like the third the best on that site. :)


Veteran Member
I downloaded it a while ago, just wish I could figure out how to record something now. :D
Here are my default settings.

I use it to record off my computer (whatever you hear can be recorded), CDs and thumb drives. Just hit the red record button and then play your "something." When done hit the yellow stop button. Go back to the beginning and hit the green play arrow. To save, go to FILE, select EXPORT, and save as a WAV file. I almost always save to my Music Library.

There's also a very good HELP service that's accessed by clicking on the "HELP" on the upper bar.

EDITED TO NOTE. HERE is the Tutorial section of the HELP function for preforming common tasks
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Me goal be 100 self-released albums before death. I'm about 18 in.

Lots of electronic stuff now-a-days, punk band, mathy hardcore stuff, noise, random folk stuff... whether comes about.


Well-Known Member
I like it. Put some songs together and release it as a little album so I can collect it. (Singles kill me)

Thanks a lot :)

I'll do that, but I'm just so slow when it comes to actually recording stuff. And my cat rarely allows me to :p