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Any Ismailis here ?

Shia Islam

Quran and Ahlul-Bayt a.s.
Premium Member
I don' t think that among the Shiite members here there are Ismailis..

However, you can try to drop your inquiries here..We, the Imami Shiites, may be able to give some beneficial answers..


Activist Membrane
Salam ! i was wondering if there is any ismaili here who would be able to respond to my inquiries ?

Sort of. I adhere to the philosophical, some of the metaphysical, doctrinal and batin tafsir aspects of Ismailism but I'm not a follower of their Imams (like Aga Khan, though he seems like a nice guy.)
When it comes to Imams, I'm a Twelver, not a Sevener and my application of practice resembles more of Sufi tradition but I resist labeling myself that either.