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An Intelligent Universe

Straw Dog

Well-Known Member
I believe that the Universe is God and that it is intelligent. I think there's sufficient proof of this through the observations of science and common sense. Consider the fact that we are intelligent beings that have evolved into existence out of the Universe. We haven't become detached (at least physically) from the Universe so really we're just an extension of it. We are the intelligence and personality of the Universe. If there are extraterrestrials (which it seems probable) then they are also a part of this cosmic intelligence. We are a part of the Universe and should embrace our intelligent and personal role within it.


I believe that the Universe is God and that it is intelligent.

While I am not big on belief,
I see it that way as well.

Most obviously,
Intelligence is clearly witnessed
,by human beings,
as an aspect of the Universe
in human beings.

As well, evolution itself,
adaption for survival,
beneficial change in accordance with one's surroundings,
is a display of intelligence.
(though not a human one)


Definition of INTELLIGENCE. 1. a (1): the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations.......

American Heratige, and The Free Dictionary
in·tel·li·gence (n-t l-j ns) n. 1. a. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge...
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Straw Dog

Well-Known Member
Interesting. Do you believe the Universe is conscious?

I would say that the Universe is partially conscious (through intelligent agents) but that it hasn't become fully conscious yet. Perhaps someday advanced Strong AI will make that possible or the collective efforts of multiple intelligent life forms. I would define full cosmic consciousness has being fully aware of all the laws of physics and the unity of all sciences.

St Giordano Bruno

Well-Known Member
I believe it is not intelligent but intelligible and there is a huge difference. The universe itself is not intelligent but emergent properties of heightened complexity spontaneously created consciousness so pockets of a much broader complex universe became aware through us of its own existence. If it wasn't for us observers there would be no means the universe would know of its own existence. Certain rare pocket universes made them intelligible to themselves.

Rowan Welch

New Member
Yes, but could it not also be said that because the capability of creation lives within our consciousness, which evolved from that of the universal mind, that conscious creation would not be possible if not for that universal mind? Yes, the universe is not a "thinker", however it is aware of itself. The universe is an observer, and is, in itself, aware of what it creates. Thus, let it be said that nature, which is within spirit (and spirit is within nature), is mentaly existant.