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Accusations made in "Kingdom of the Cults" re: JW's - pt.2


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I've never heard the distinction being discussed by Jws so I'm guessing it's not a matter of importance. However I would say in my opinion that it was Jesus original body.
Not so. The last time I knew the teaching of Jesus' death and resurrection by Jehovah's Witnesses is that the human body of Jesus was reduced to ashes (it disappeared) and he was resurrected as a spirit. Spirits of God are able to be seen in human form, like the angels that Abraham entertained.

Genesis 18:1-16


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Does there exist a Jehovah's Witness directory for knowing which JW teachings are core and must be believed to be considered a faithful JW and which teachings are not core?


Witness for Jehovah
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So .... do JW believe Jesus original body was resurrected.. or was he recreated from the mind of God

I have always heard JW believe the second from various sources tho not a JW here. Because of the nail prints and because resurrections in every example in the bible were the original body I lgo with the first view

Greetings, whirlingmerc.

No, Jesus wasn't given that exact body....that would amount to taking the sacrifice, his blood and flesh, back.

He was raised a spirit, the Bible says.....the only way he could have appeared out of nowhere, as the Bible states he did.

Take care.