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About the concept of religion

Discussion in 'Seekers Circle' started by Amanaki, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Amanaki

    Amanaki Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    Falun Gong (Cultivation path)
    .I am no longer sure what we today see as Religion is the right way spiritual life needs to go, Why?
    Because the way religion is governed today is to much politics and not focus on the individual awakening of the teachings in each spiritual teachings.

    Do not misunderstand me and think I deny that the teachings from each religion are still true. But what I think is important is to remove the vision of that it is enough to believe and one is saved. If this was enough then 99% of all human beings would already be enlightened, and sadly that is not so.
    Before the concept of Religion, the teachings were called cultivation paths and was aimed at cultivating body and mind on an individual level, not in huge groups or congregations.

    There is a few examples I could bring forth, like when Jesus was on earth to teach his path, he had 12 disciples who were his main disciples, and most of those 12 continued to teach after Jesus was gone, but they did not teach many thousands of people each time.

    Similar to Buddha did have a few main followers who was very close to him and they also become enlighten, but Buddha Sakyamuni did travel around in the not too big area to teach people, and the reason his teaching spread was because people who become enlighten kept on giving dharma talks to people further away.

    But the big problem today is that there are many many thousands of people who have a business where they earn money on giving different spiritual talks, Why is this wrong in my view?
    Because if we start making money from people we tend to become greedy and want more, and that again leads to ego arise and we are in trouble because when we think of money instead of morality and virtu while we speak, that means our words are not true anymore.

    I am sure many here will disagree with my OP and that is ok, i am not going to preach that what i say here is the only true way to do things.

    But i do hope to see a good discussion :)
  2. Desert Snake

    Desert Snake ️️️️️️️️️️

    Jun 19, 2011
    Jhvh Elohim
  3. Workman

    Workman UNIQUE

    Jan 11, 2019
    The Truth of being TRUE
    Hello dear brother!
    I can understand, truth can be hard to find at times...but it was not the truth I found hard..it was all the lies that be more very hard to spot..because I learnt that even with a lie can make a truth. So I could not give my trust to this world, not because there are good in it..but because I do not need this world to tell me of who I can and who I can not be..I believe in more of myself than rather what this world can offer me to be...that is what I truely believe..I am not a smart person..but I don’t need ‘smartness’ to describe of who I am..not at all! I needed a Belief for all that I can fully trust in to having my full in controlling..in every part of any angles by each every accessories that I can get hold on...that be what I can only trust to be true for me to believe as my Absolute control..the world cannot give me that!..and that for I cannot trust of its not absolute controlled ..so I learnt from the bible..I did all instructions..I learnt from every mistakes I have made..and had calibrated each and every time I had each part that I renewed..and kept going to the point now that I am.. Happy

    I hope you go well in your pathway..I would not worry being your person..you are a good friend to all, I hope I may share your walk sometime if would not mind..Peace.
    #3 Workman, Aug 29, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019