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About Satan


Get me off of this planet
What do you think he actually stands for? Bide me... I'm a bit of a schizophrenic by today's standard, I'm fine with that. Moving on what he stands for by contemporary ideals is profanity and the ideals of 'sin' in Abrahamic religion.

The Satan I have experienced DETESTS THESE THINGS and he will, "Walk on my followers.".

Satan will walk on his followers, as in a rug of Man.

I found it god damn hysterical. That and Satan's whole legend is a debauchery of the real story which probably originated in Sumeria/Babylon era Iraq.

I also believe the being I experienced was Samael of Gnostic teachings, but is the Satan - not Lucifer who is a totally different being. I'm not a moron, believe me.

Anyway, he seems legit to me so far. I'm usually in a heap of religion but not really though, I'm not even religious - it's a constant volley of information that crosses my mind. I do not partake in any religious practice and the Satan was legitimately kind to me and let me know that his followers are his tools, nothing more. He detests such disgusting ideals that they think he stands for.

But I'm no scapegoat, his rep is nearly irreparable.


But I'm schizo, I know I'm schizo and it helps me talk about this heresy.


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My experience has been (in the actual Satan sense, theistic hat on):

1) He is disgusted at all of people basically making him into their punching bag. In addition, those who embrace the symbolism of said caricature and become quasi-Satanists atheistic or otherwise. Satan is very "down to earth" energy and is the god of the here and now very much concerned with elevating mankind to the level of the gods in every possible way you could express such ideas. (Art, magic, science, etc..) Through some meditation I would say that he detests followers of any kind. I consider myself more of an admirer, and I have final say of what goes on in my life. He has lead me kicking and screaming a few times down the paths I fear to transverse , but it has been for my ultimate benefit and development. It has always been shown to me why these things are done... They are always helpful even if they don't immediately seem so... In my experience he's been the most trustworthy being I've worked with -- he has always shown his kindness to me, and always allowed me to have as much or as little involvement as I liked. If I walked away to get a little mundane time there has never been a problem coming back months or years later. If you approach Satan as a sheep, and you do so looking for a spirit daddy you will be sadly disappointed.

2) Regardless of the ancient history Lucifer and Satan are synonyms in colloquial terms. I have worked with both names interchangeably and the same guy answers the phone. I guess I should then say sorry to all of the Luciferians :p

3) I am not schizophrenic. I am a ritual magician of over twenty years of experience who began this trek as an atheist who just had "armchair occultist" as a hobby.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
What he stands for? Perhaps bravery, standing up against a bully he knows is too powerful for him to beat.

It is funny how people would say he walks on his followers, when in contrast the Christian God is the one that opened up the gates of hell and gave us the naturalistic pleasures we have, making sin so damn tempting.

So maybe Satan isn't the tempter or the trickster, instead it is God.


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@Whiterain - The capacity to interpret a symbol means it is in effect a prop. I believe in direct experiences and put very little value in what largely amounts to wishful thinking and guessing.

@The Sum of Awe - I sort of concur with your reasoning on this, which reinforces the notion of the fact that really Satan is the god of human nature, and seemingly much more. Humans really are reservoirs of untapped potential and this is certainly Satan's field of expertise. Most people who work this path can share stories of how every single bit of their lives have improved, and not just the rather insignificant carnal bit. This expansion of the human state and the rejection of symbolic interpretation from outsiders is really the heart of real Satanism in any sense. The only difference between an atheistic and theistic Satanist at this juncture is that the theist feels these things are sacred; through working their path they seek a direct experience of what these things mean to them.


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To me, Satan is but one of many names for that out of which consciousness, will, individuality arises.
So yes, god of human nature, but since I wouldn't make such a firm border between human nature and the rest of nature as for example the Setians would, I consider It also the god of nature per se. You could consider me some weird kind of either Hermetic or solipsist because one of my default world views (the other one being physicalist materialism) is that everything we perceive as reality is just thoughts in a mind, everything being 'just' imagination. In that perspective, Satan would be that fragmentary meta-(sub)consciousness which our awarenesses are parts of and which links us to an 'objective' (or rather intersubjective) reality that doesn't 'really' exist.

I call It Satan because I have the impression the philosophy of Satanism comes closest of all religions to a proper and unclouded view on reality by seeing reality as being amoral, bound to subjectivity, based on oppositions, and multifaceted - but maybe it just looks like that from my point of view ;) Don't get me wrong, I don't think we own the unshakable truth about reality - but I think the left hand path aims into the direction of it.

So, Satan is the personification of this world, of the realization of what reality is, and of individualism of any kind.

It is the black flame in our hearts, It's passion and cold rationality, It's inspiration that wells up from the subconsciousness.
It's the keeper at the crossroads between our self/awareness and everything outside of it, It's eternal change, guiding us into the unknown.
It's rebellion, the god of godlessness and blasphemy, and It also is decadency and decay. It's the desire that drives us onwards to become more than we were. It's time, It's life, It's death, It's existence.

While I understand why polytheists would make a difference between Satan and Lucifer, they to me are just different aspects of or points of view on the same principle or entity.

Mindmaster said:
I believe in direct experiences and put very little value in what largely amounts to wishful thinking and guessing.
Then you must despise my post since it probably is mostly wishful thinking and guessing. But what am I to do, not having had any direct experiences that can't be explained as my mind playing tricks on me, and still trying to figure out what this symbol-of-a-philosophy is I have fallen for.

So I'm very agnostic about my theism and you can understand my words as theistic or symbolic as you wish.
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Get me off of this planet
I find it comical among other experiences I started having dreams and visions of this being, which was shown to separate from the Lucifer.

Satan was a being I didn't really believe in.

He, a male being, seems to hold the ideas of 'sins' in a manner of personal conduct and judgement.

As in the polar opposite of what a Satanist may think he stands for, he abhors the acts of adultery, for instance.

There are petty sins like stealing or genuine lust. He detests his followers more than anything, from what I can make of it.

Trying to explain it is hard, and I have only a sense of humiliation in it. I didn't believe in Satan, yet he came to me and I am
found left trying to explain it to myself and other.

I'm not going on poetic metaphor, he seems like a judge more than a deviant being whom acts wrong on ideals of moral and ethical conduct.

In my vision he believes in these ideals and is a judge of others, like Hades, but not Hades.

In my time with him he made it very clear he is a warrior of ages time past.

I find it a comical... My mind has put me in a predicament, I could just as easily dismiss it.

Contemporary religion seems to have nothing to do with it. It doesn't make sense and the visions said it wouldn't make sense. I'm left to believe what I want, and I'm left with confusion in a sense of allegiance, and allegiance hasn't been requested.
"Satan" is biblical representation for "Wrath".

A lot of people don't understand the bible codes. People dedicate their whole lives to a church or cult and never make any sense of it.
History is chalked full of kingdoms rising and falling.
I believe the codes are a greater reflection of reality found within ourselves, like the wrath we fight within our own kingdom. People really have to think about this stuff and invest some time in order to understand it.
Here are some others, "Lucifer" represents "Pride", Jesus, is equated to "Truth", and so on.

Let us think then upon this...That Spirituality indeed reflects the reality within us.

Hope is a waking dream!

And mainly this, "To be "born again", is to be spiritually conscious within yourself."
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