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About a god existing....or not

Clara Tea

Well-Known Member
Its pretty much like Joe saying he believes blue is the prettiest color but John says BS, red is the prettiest color.

Isn't it up to the individual?

There are an infinite number of shades of color. There are an infinite number of conceptions of God (many religions around the world). Apparently John and Joe don't have the only opinions.


Veteran Member
We as Christians believe Jesus is truth.
Then a more accurate claim would have been, there is but one belief you think it is true. Since truth and belief are not necessarily the same thing.

Can you demonstrate anything approaching objective evidence for it? Only I have never met or read anything by any theist that could.


Veteran Member
Only if that God wanted to be known to everyone. If God does not want to be known to everyone, God will not be known to everyone, only to those He chooses to be known to. God is known to some of us.

You do love your circular reasoning fallacies, and of course these using begging the question fallacies that assume the inclusion you like. No objective evidence though, again.

It's pretty straightforward. God does not exist in the material world so God cannot be seen in the material world.

Hahaha, and another one....like buses.

God exists in the spiritual world, which is the real world. This material world is just a shadow stretching out.

Two more claims reeled off without even a pretence of evidence.


Advaita Vedanta, Theosophy, Spiritualism
Premium Member


Active Member
Joe Bob believes in a god, goes to church regularly, says his prayers, lives his own life as if heaven and hell exist and wants to go to heaven.

Jim Bob doesn't believe in a god, doesn't go to church, takes life day by day, and lives his own life as when I die its all over because there is no heaven or hell.

Who's right? Do we even know?
Why does either of them living their own life bother anyone?
The trace on a road indicates that some one has beaten that road. Joe Bob is right