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A view at the path of Xeper within the Aeon of Set

Discussion in 'Setian DIR' started by Ahanit, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Ahanit

    Ahanit Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Setian, Left hand Path
    Long Ago when I entered The Temple of Set I made a research on the translations of the hieroglyphic word Xepher

    I found 8 possible Meanings of the word :

    1 arise
    2 transform into
    3 realize
    4 enter
    5 take place
    6 exist
    7 will be done in the future
    8 introduce the solution

    For me I found the path within, only looking at the translations of Xepher

    I Arise at the Path in the Aeon of Set
    I Transform myself into the darkness
    I realize the Existence of myself in whole
    I enter the deep within
    I take place betwenn the aware, to become part of the unaware
    I exist with all and nothing within and around
    I will done in the future, what I choose now
    I introduce the solution for the quest of existance

    With entering the Temple and becoming aware the other words of the Aeon the path has become more clearity for me and now I have a realy komplex Concept.

    But For beginning the Path of Xepher I think the naked Translation is a good start. so you can fill the short stops with own content and own words.

    I would like to hear what you can see in the translations of the word Xepher?
    Do you think that are steps of the path ?
    Or do you think all translation is nonsense because there are new interpretations?
    Is there a combination of what the old ones wanted to tell and what the new ones tell us about?

    For those who give the Idea of the Steps at the Path a Chance here an Interpretation of the Path with the Key of Königsberg (1525)


    Have fun with thinking about ;)

    Xepher and realize Chepre

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  2. Ahanit

    Ahanit Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Setian, Left hand Path
  3. Ahanit

    Ahanit Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Setian, Left hand Path
  4. Ahanit

    Ahanit Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    Setian, Left hand Path
    Searching my old writings I found the view on Xepher I wrote 2008 for my application for ToS... It is interesting to see the differences in understanding at this time and know.... Maybe the one or the other has interest in here my little research :) hope it is not to long:


    Why I'm dealing with the Word Xepher?

    When I have decided to follow this path, it became clear that the path goes through the word Xepher, or if it is not going through, it should be launched from it at least. For me it's a logical consequence to start with the explanation of Xepher, when I want to go the path of Set.

    The old Egyptian writing System is one of the most complex in the world. A word can be taken to salvage very different meanings. Each character has a meaning of his own, they are not only letters. So a word written with different Glyphs can get different information and importance within the same Word. When you look at all information's you can get in one hieroglyphic word, the result could be more than a sentence. A sentence could have information for a whole page when it seeks to translate.

    The Magic of signs
    The Egyptian mythology speaks of images and Pictures as beings, having their own soul, which applies especially for the Glyphs. They are living creatures, for one person they are unveiling their information, for the other person they hide their meaning. Glyphs are not just a writing system to form texts, they have always a magical component included.

    I have read the article written by Don Webb on ToS main page and a German translation of it on an other website. The Article was interesting and it inspires me to take a closer Look at the hieroglyphic word Xepher or Chepre like it is called in German Interpretation of the transliteration.

    To Take a very own view at the word I removed all information of the Article out of my mind, take a Egypt- German Dictionary and sit down with it to see what the Glyphs want t tell me.

    Views on Xepher

    Spelling and Mythology
    Xepher, Chepre written with the Scarab, as Part of the sungod, the Scarab stands for Rebirth and Genesis because of his ability to create himself out f the dung. It is a widespread adoption of miscarriage that the scarab is the sun himself, when he represented the sungod, but he is more like a bringer of light, he rolls the sun across the sky, as his smaller relatives rolls the ball of dung through the sand of the dessert. I got the Idea to compare the scarab with Lucifer, the fallen Angel who brings the light and with the light the knowledge about things not can be seen in the shadows before. Chepre is a Netjer, a good, Lucifer seems to be on a status of Netjeri, an assistant Spirit, Daimonos (falsely translated as demon), I'm not sure if one can be created out of the story of the other, but when you look how many ideas where adopted by monotheism, it shows an interesting point. Both bring the light into the Darkness and with the light they bring knowledge of the shadows. They make clear that there is more between earth and sky. The difference I see is that the knowledge of Chepre seems to be more creative than the knowledge of Lucifer. Lucifer seems to bring instinct but static, he shows what already exist but not seen. Chepre speaks of creation, of getting new ideas and make new definitions of old ways.

    Chepre1.jpg MUND.JPG
    Particularly clear will be the bringing of knowledge by Xepher, when you look at the second spelling of the word. The scarab followed by the mouth. Consonant “r” used as vocal amplification. Such an amplification contains a reference to the interpretation of the word. The mouth is speaking, talking teaching and underlines the idea of bringing knowledge.

    An other interesting point, we have to look at is the Determiner. A Determine is not a spoken sound, but shows the nature of the word behind it stands to identify different meanings of words spelled in the same way.
    The determiner of the word Xepher is a sitting child with one hand to the mouth. It stands for something young and something that is developing, which is open to new things, records all given information for developing the self. The way of the child is the way of learning and growing.

    Translations of Xepher

    I go through the Translations in the same order as the dictionary. Because they are staggered by the frequency, they where translated by the Egyptologist. I think that this can give more clues about the word and the Magic in it.
    1. will (be), arise
    2. arise from, transform into
    3. do realize
    4. enter
    5. take place
    6. to be, to exist
    7. it will happen, it will done in the future
    8. Introduce a solution, to solve
    An interesting mix of Translations for only one word. But with a deep path of someone who wants to find the inner Self and realize the dream of existence.

    I will talk in the I-Form in the following, and for tat I will explain how we got the I in Egypt spelling:
    The easiest way to talk from oneself is to hang on “I”. That can be done by a reed leaf or with the Glyphs for man, women or child. The reed shows someone who hangs his flag in the wind, talks of the ways what he is said to do so, no own idea, only a sheep between lot of other sheeps. Writing the I with a person Glyph it shows an individual, a person who knows about the self and has own ideas about the Existance.

    Xepheri – I will I arise
    Every one arises again and again during lifetime. Every part of life is a new arising, because you must grow in something new. But this first step of growing, arising is a passive one. There is no way out of arising, you have not push it, it comes to you and you have no chance to go out of the way. The step into Xepher is to register this situation.

    Xepherim I arise out of, I transform myself into
    The second step of Xepher is the first activ try to find the self, the M written with an owl, stands for knowledge and wisdom, realising and learning about the own way. The passive arising will be changed to an active analysis and the first try to create the way of life more active. The analysis ontains three aspects, where do I came from? Where do I stand now? Where I want to go/In what I want to be transformd?

    Xepheri I do, I realize
    The third step is the Implementation of the Analysis. You must not only think about, but you must get in real action. You must do smething that the goal, the transformation you planned can cme real.

    Xepheri I enter
    The fourthStep of Xepher stands not only for entering a room, but also for entering a new roup, a Philosophie a spectrum of Knowledge. And for entering a new life. Before you are entering you have ideas of what you will find, what will come to you in there. But you do not really know and so it is a step into the uncertain. This point is the one many return, back to the passive way because they fear about the new, about something they really know nothing about. It costs something, you must overcome your fear, but without doing this step, you will never get certainty.

    Xepheri I take place
    The fifth step of Xepher is the festival in yourself, when you have overcome the fear. You have entered the room and it becomes clear that you have entered yourself. You take place within you. That is the festival of life, the initiation to the way of Xepher.

    Xepheri I am, I exist
    It is intersting that being and existing is on the sixth step of Xepher. Not the first, not the second,... the sixth step. When you recapitulate the steps before, you find a logik in it. A passive part is no real existing, you have to find yourself, you have to enter the room, you have t take place- when you have mastered the steps of self finding, self definition, self overcoming, than you are open enouh to realize that you are really existing.

    Xepheri I will happen, I will be done in future
    This seventh step of Xepher is the Promise to the self, that you will go that way of Xepher, the active parts for all times in the future. And not only for some months or years of lifetime. This is the real Art of Xepher. Not to fall back into stasis, to the first step where all beings are. But to hld on a level of activity, a level of clearity about all situations, all changes, all transformations.

    Xepheri I introduce the solution, I solve
    That last step of Xepher is to reach , what you really wanted to reach. To transform what you wanted t transform. To look back on yur way, to look what you have defined for yourself in the beginning and to look on the solution presented. When you are able to say “Quod errat demonstrandum”, you have made your path through all steps of Xepher to the great goal, to yourself in all aspects of being you.

    Final Thoughts on Xepher
    I just wonder why I haven't take a closer look on this word before. It is a very intersting conept. I have loocked on so many egypt words, but this has fallen through until now. Xepher, Chepre is a Initiatory path in his self, from the passive arising, to the final active steps of solving the riddle of the self.
    We are who we are, a riddle to our self, only can be solved by ourself.

    At this time I had thought Xepher is one path, your path through the universe, but now I know this little research only shows the first turn at Xepher. When you remanifest you arise at Xepher on a higher aware level and walk again and again ... ;)

    So here my first views of Xepher for you have fun and grow with every turn on the path of Xepher :)
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