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A sign of the End Times?


Deviled Hen
*** MOD POST ***

Friends, please try to keep this thread vaguely on topic as regards the OP and certainly on the topic of "Non-Canon Books of the Bible."

I hardly think "whether other religions are true" fits either of these criteria.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


I am Who I am
Knowledge meant Gnosis... The Non-Canonical Texts are of Gnostic origin right? These things are opened to reveal to us Knowledge of the Heart... Knowledge of things once forgotten. With the discovery of the NHL and Dead Sea Scrolls we shall learn and know things that God wish to reveal to us. The end of the age is nigh and the Kingdom of Heaven is now as it has always been.

The NHL is Gnostic in origin no debating that, to Gnostic mythology we are always in a sense of Creation (Genesis) and Revelation. Hence why I said "the Kingdom of Heaven is now as it has always been." Jesus Christ was not talking about Computers and The Internet, he was not talking about intellectual knowledge since that is worldly knowledge Christ was from God so its spiritual knowledge, since the NT of Bible was written in Greek. This Knowledge is Gnostikos or Gnosis.


Well-Known Member
I think as knowledge increases we increase our chances of survival not extinction, then again we have to look carefully at those using knowledge to try to fulfill what the believe is prophesy ...


I am Who I am
We also need to watch out we don't use our knowledge to destroy one another... lol so we better our chances for survival even more.
"...and knowledge shall be increased"

Anyone else think these new texts could be the medium by which we'll increase our knowledge?

Yes, yes and yes. Anyone who does not see it are the ones who are not having their knowledge increased. They are stuck in time.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
Anyone ever notice how the bible says the world will end when we least expect it and then we all least expect it to end on 2012... It's like all of the other predictions there were some believers, but for 2012 everybody does not expect it to happen.
The archer releases the arrow on 12/21/12 and it hits the target on 12/21/15. But it is not the end of the world. 12/21/15 is when the church is 100% consumed by satan.