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A relationship with God.

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by Xavier Graham, Apr 5, 2022.

  1. F1fan

    F1fan Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2021
    So this God talked to you? Your God is a male and a father?

    How did He reveal himself? Does He only reveal Himself to certain people? If so, what are the conditions of those people when God reveals Himself?

    Were you under any sort of influence at the time God revealed itself?

    Had you heard about others having similar experiences first?

    Brahma is the creator, so is this a name others call your God?

    And what other Gods exist, and how can objective thinkers find this to be true?

    And what purpose is that?

    What would be the purpose of children who die from genetic diseases?

    What form did God take when you met Him? Was it material, and anyone else could have seen Him too if they happened to be there? If not, explain how you as a material being can engage with a God that others can't sense in an objective and rational way.

    Assuming your mom didn't kiss you and your wife died in childbirth. But claiming to have a wife is a very mundane and ordinary thing, it's not controversial because we all know wives exists in reality. Gods on the other hand, well none are known to exist outside of imagination. Objective minds certainly see no evidence that suggests they exist, and the social science explain why humans evolved to believe, and why it religious belief and belief in non-rational ideas is a biological and social function of the brain for most humans.

    Not really. If we examine nature objectively nothing suggests a supernatural cause. It is only religious people who assume a God is a creator of all things. There are religious stories about this and none are consistent with the facts and knowledge of how things work in nature.

    Unless Jesus was an invented character and quotes attributed to this character. People at that time were known to embellish.[/quote]
    #21 F1fan, May 13, 2022
    Last edited: May 13, 2022
  2. KenS

    KenS Face to face with my Father
    Premium Member

    Sep 3, 2013
    He does talk to me. Never asked Him whether He is male or female. I guess I took "Father" at His word.

    Like a marriage, it is one revelation after another. I believe He reveals Himself to everyone but, like it happens so many times with our spouse, He is talking but we aren't paying attention.

    Or, one can be asking a bunch of question but one really isn't interested in any answer.

    I do know that as we believe, if you speak, you find. If you ask, He answers, if you knock, He opens the door.

    No. It was a Sunday morning and, fortunately, not under any after effects.

    Yes but how may vary person to person though only He would know why.

    Is Brahma the same God? Good question. I have a question: Was Brahma demoted? If so, why?

    Significance. To bring His will on earth as it is in Heaven.

    In our faith, genetic diseases are part of the curse that man created through sin and has no purpose on behalf of God. Ultimately we give the credit of sickness to the god of this world, Satan though it was man that opened the door. We believe that these children continue to grow in Heaven to full maturity and completely normal and will come back to earth when Jesus comes to reign,.

    It is spiritual. How can others engage? I think it is like the old time radios where you would move the nob back and forth to get the right wave length. Hatred, unforgiveness, jealousies, immorality, selfishness, things like these bring static and can drown out His desire to reach us.

    But, regardless if you seek you find.

    I found Him very objectively and rationally so I'm not sure what you mean.

    This sounds more like "Any excuse is a good excuse if you want an excuse". :) I'm not saying that in a mean way just that my explanation wasn't that hard to understand.

    I would disagree.Yes, there are religious stories, but there is a true story.

    And yet the harmony of all that was said would, imo, dictate otherwise. Another question would be "When does reality become reality?".

    If what you said is the standard, we could say that nothing that we have in history is really history... they are all embellished mythological stories, IMO.
    #22 KenS, May 13, 2022
    Last edited: May 13, 2022
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  3. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Humans learn.

    We have and own a natural life father mother boy baby girl baby. Human.

    No thesis exists. You have to be human motivated to choose to theory.

    Basic observation is SEEN first meaning I see present tense ...now I've seen....past tense.

    Said right where you are. Human natural science is first.

    Human frustration asks..... why are groups of humans supported to lie. History is human behaviour and coercion for self gain.

    Pretty basic advice for humans knowing what an intelligent rational human is.

    Why a human legal system was implemented as human lying is dangerous.

    The bible. Testimonials.

    The bible. A shut book with a humans sworn oath to only tell the truth.

    Pretty basic if you didn't theory we'd have no problems. As humans on earth.

    To be intelligent.

    I know that loving humans by behaviours do not own a need to theory or argue about not being a human.

    And arguing was forced on us by theists. Just humans.

    So today we have scientists with machines they totally control as humans. Humans pretending their machines own created representation and lying. Biology is first.

    No theories no machines no liars either. Basic human intelligence. To want to tell the truth you remove what reasons coercive lying was used for.

    Owning no invention or machine owns no thesis.

    As medical wisdom is human aware human to human.

    As humans didn't think creation into being nor do your thoughts own why creation exists.

    Basic intelligence.

    So if I say. When you machine owner reacted earths products life became attacked. Biology of life changed. We became sick.

    It's obvious why. You don't really own the rights to change naturally evolved creation. As it doesn't exist for humans science purposes.

    Creation exists supporting our life.

    So the planetary purpose became our human argument.

    With humans giving hierarchy to what earth conditions supported life's health and nature balances versus life seen early age dying sacrificed.

    Also pretty basic.

    So we said the states that supported humans life health were the highest terms. So we said it was gods. By planetary status only.

    As you are a human who looks sees assesses then demands. By human life living in it's experience.

    As science took the highest mass status attacked destroys converts it to practice human science.

    Life's human lesson only said. Our origin human family as family is our life healthy. Conscious. Spiritual.

    As compared to Inherited biology life attacked by science of humans history old technology now new technology. With Ai machines. That state causing a totally irrational human theists thinking status.

    Cannot tell any human truth when they theory as they don't impose natural advice place and position first. Highest. As they seek the least and most destroyed.

    Human mind controlled. Human minds don't control our planet nor the heavens. Yet when they theory they pretend they do.

    So the testimonials were about human behaviours and human theists telling lies and betraying human and animal life naturally living on earth.

    Yet human theory's by behaviours demonstrate the human ego believes concepts that are fake. The fake status is imposed ownership. And by the status I want and then I want to own impose it by a fake human right.

    Why group human behaviour was notated as life's destroyer on earth. As we have lived the experience again and again.

    If you lose your origin mind by atmospheric machine caused changes you would be affected by how you think and what you believe.

    Is our lifes conscious warnings.

    By introduction of a new effect not previously existing. Which became a teaching.

    Which was humans voice and image recording. Proven by human machines today using the exact condition.

    Yet none of you apply rational thought to the status machines use recorded image and voice. Of everything.

    And machines transmit out from earth so only machine cosmic conditions would transmit back. All machines.

    If you ask should you have invented technology the human answer was already no. Which you ignore.

    We've learnt this human lesson before.

    Which places the state of the cause before biology even existed. Which is why the human inventor began lying about consciousness.

    Recorded voice. Recorded image. Displaced biological origins. By human scientists themselves. The man. The adult. The father.

    Was the legal teaching. What satanic science of men had caused.

    Why phenomena is self proven. As human men father scientists had caused it.

    You can only discuss the topic or learn about the topic via a living humans experience.

    As the state to be recorded exists before biology had. So when you physically die as body human conscious owner the state life was recorded still exists.

    It exists the state before you are sexually conceived. It exists after you die.

    Life as biology sperm ovary is before you biologically exist.

    You biological grow into a baby.

    A physical sex act brings forth new human life.

    Phenomena. The state took the higher living water human memory away from conscious health.

    If we lived wholly and not sacrificed the phenomena would not be noticed as we would not exist life changed.

    Is the theists teaching.

    Now any human can use the same just thinking argument.

    Created creation seems to prove that a pre form of something existed before burn and evolution cooling.

    Yet that subject is just reasoning not fact. Is agreeable and can't be argued about.

    As human invention is only physical human manipulation of earths mass.

    If consciousness to think says when I die living dying in created creation. I believe I still own one highest conscious spirit body I name as eternal.

    It's only a theme not a state or a fact. And it's non arguable. As human consciousness says so.

    The state heavenly life recorded is in fact a human know scientific state that humans caused. And is not the subject or term eternal.

    If a theist says my thinking theism is exact about out in space as eternal by their conditions. It's not the same subject.

    Hence trying to force your machine subject onto my mind's human belief is as pathetic as what you are. Machine controller.

    No machine. No fake human status either. With you claiming my life as a human began by machine conditions is who we argue against. Titled Satanists...the science community.
  4. Xavier Graham

    Xavier Graham Your local anarchist. God is Love is Love is Love

    Jun 3, 2021
    Christian apostate, Deist(?), Auto-theist
    As oft said by the believer, my personal experience with god is what makes me believe. But I have thought about why I believed what I did, and am no longer a Christian. I suppose I’m a deist, currently.
    I believe you are right. I can empower myself without religion. It is within me.
  5. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    A few basic human questions.

    Should Jesus have occurred. When human men the theist thinker stated its my practice science. Says I am a human man first with God.

    Placing the human with god and term natural first place.

    So if you ask should you be sick?
    So if you ask should you be suffering?

    Some humans say you aren't as Jesus saved you.

    As a human I don't tell lies for any self purpose. Yet some humans do.

    It's determined human behaviour for self gain.

    Hence if it's natural human fact we are one species the human as we're equal. Does it matter who theoried science or does it matter who tells the truth?

    So if you remove position man and say humans were first with God. No life sacrifice exists.

    Which is exact science. As natural science is first position.

    Now if a man says I must tell my truth. As I had in fact been the theist of all science terms. Before I practiced it.

    You aren't doing a very good job of truth telling.

    As Jesus should never have occurred as correct science terms.

    Try to argue irrational human indoctrination was why a human legal position usurped the bible. On the closed bible.

    I know the biggest mistake you made was to keep all of your evil scientific documents. As the temptation was too great for such a weak willed man.

    Human truth as stated by your mother who you dishonoured. As my natural human woman status is your equal father to mother. I'm not unholy maths science you liars.