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A Message To Our Brothers In Russia

Eyes to See

Well-Known Member
Jehovah's Witnesses are known throughout the world for their preaching. They can be seen tirelessly in the streets, walking down dusty roads, in the plaza squares, going from door to door, all throughout the earth to spread the good news of God's kingdom. Well, that is they used to be seen. Since the pandemic they stopped all forms of public witnessing personally with the people to respect social distancing, to slow the spread of disease, and out of love of neighbor. But they still witness from their homes by letter-writing, phone witnessing, and sending message and links to Bible-based information from JW.ORG to acquaintances, neighbors, family, friends.

They are also known as a peace-loving group of people. As Christians they love their neighbors, and especially their brothers and sisters wherever they be throughout the world. Because of this love and unity among them it is unthinkable that they pick up arms and fight against another human, or against another one of their brothers and sisters in another country. In fact many have noticed this and have stated that if everyone put into practice Jesus' words the way Jehovah's Witnesses do wars would cease to exist, and there would be no more crime on the streets.

The JW.ORG website was banned in the Russian Federation. The only way a person within its boundaries can access its information is illegally, perhaps by using a VPN. But even then it is dangerous. Throughout the past few years The Russian Federation has banned the activity of Jehovah's Witnesses, and stepped up a campaign of terror against them, barging into their houses int he middle of the night, taking them into the woods, beating them, torturing them, raping them, throwing them into prisons on trumped up and false charges.

Here is a powerful music video that was put together for them in Russian (subtitled in English). In it is dramatizations of police raids and some real footage of the peaceful brothers arrested and on trial. I really liked how they show that not all Russian soldiers are bad at heart. In fact you see one questioning what he is doing to the peaceful and elderly and the young. And he eventually repents and converts. In fact this is a thing. As Jehovah's Witnesses are being locked up in greater and greater numbers more and more governmental officials and security guards are getting to know them, and not a few are acknowledging that they have the truth and are being persecuted for serving Jehovah God. And there are high officials and soldiers and security guards who are repenting and converting to become Jehovah's Witnesses even as these very ones used to persecute them, because of their fine conduct.

Oh, here is the music video:



Active Member
I loved this...its beautiful to see how our brothers are holding up under the persecution over there. And what a wonderful witness that they give that Jehovah is stronger then Putin!

Nothing can stop Jehovah reaching the hearts and minds of his creation.