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A message, and a peace plan for Palestine/Israel/West Bank-Gaza

Discussion in 'Abrahamic Religions DIR' started by Natural Submission, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Natural Submission

    Natural Submission Active Member

    Dec 26, 2004

    This is a message i received. This book seems REALLY interesting!!

    Peace, Shalom, Assalam alaikum.

    Each religious tradition with a positive orientation
    says not to curse each other. Each holy book or
    tradition (even if "believers" don’t acknowledge it)
    says God, aka Allah, the Father, YHWH, Great Spirit,
    etc, is all-encompassing, everywhere, almighty, and
    cares very much what we do to each other. That's
    because a spark of the One resides in each of us.
    Paraphrasing something Muhammad (S), said in;
    Sura 19:88-90;
    ‘Bad theology can cause the earth to be rent asunder
    and the mountains to fall.’

    Something mighty resides in each of us, a piece
    of the Creator. We create with our hands, but even
    more-so with our thoughts. Jesus, aka Isa (AS) said
    faith can move mountains. Faith requires thought.
    Strong faith is strong thought with emotion. John said
    hate is a form of murder. Our thoughts are a form of
    energy. Religions teach large groups of people to
    think in harmony, increasing their power. When a
    religion teaches “I'm saved, but if you don't do it my
    way you will go to hell", that religion is doing a
    curse. In harmony. Enhanced power through focused
    thought. And it is cursing that part of God that
    resides in the other, thus using God's name in vain.

    Satan, aka Shaitan is only a person who is the
    most egocentric individual among us egocentric
    individuals, with good and bad like everyone else. His
    'evil' is non-recognition of God in all else, the
    extreme case of egotism. He comes back to the Earth
    time after time (incarnating, usually), encouraging us
    to egocentric forms of Us vs. Them religion, not true
    religion--Oneness consciousness. In Islam, that is
    called 'bid'at'--people believing they are following
    right religion, but doing it wrong. He gets people to
    become absolutely convinced they're saved while
    cursing everyone else. The effects of this spread out
    over space and time, kind of like how the war in Iraq
    will cause future generations to be impoverished and
    increase hate and separation between peoples. Jesus
    said Satan tries to snatch away every good seed that's
    sown before it can grow. One hadith (a prophecy of
    Muhammad's) says Islam will revert to something
    strange like it was in the beginning. Another states
    1 out of 73 sects of Islam is doing it right, 1 out of
    72 Christian, and 1 out of 71 Jewish sects. Not many
    seem to be 'getting it'. Another says 999 out of 1000
    are the "people of hell", which only means they’ve
    been tricked by Satan or his friends, self-righteous
    egotistical religious leaders. Christians, Jews, and
    Hindus, too. All astray. Islam means "peace", but
    Islam as we see it today isn't producing peace. Nor
    Christianity, nor Hinduism, nor Judaism, nor exclusive
    anti-religion secular thought.

    Picture a pot of cold water sitting on a stove.
    Now, turn the stove onto "high". We have absolute
    faith we can safely put our finger in it at first, but
    we also know a few minutes later the water will be
    getting hot. Energy applied to matter accumulates in
    matter over a period of time. The greater the energy
    applied, the greater and sooner the effect. Heat is a
    form of energy. Hate is a form of energy. Suffering is
    a form of energy. Negative energy.

    For centuries Hindus in India have followed an
    oppressive caste system, upper classes cursing lower
    class pieces of Allah in people called "untouchable".
    Women are murdered for a form of extortion called
    ‘dowry’. In Sri Lanka Buddhists oppress Hindu Tamils.
    In Bangla Desh and Indonesia Islam is mis-taught in a
    twisted, distorted, way causing war, oppression, and
    mass hate.In Thailand women are sold to prostitution.
    All in the name of God. Modern medicine comes along,
    so now the volume is increased into the billions.
    Because of colonialism, capitalism, class-oppression,
    and dictatorship the vast majority of the increased
    population will be in a suffering mode. Powerful
    negative thought. All this energy saturated into the
    Earth. Centuries of it. Increased volume, increased
    population. Focused negativity via theology. When we
    apply heat to the pot of water it gets hotter. If we
    have a lid or tech-tonic plate covering the pot, it
    will eventually move. 9.0 richter.

    America is a land in which the pain and suffering
    of millions of murdered Native Americans is stored in
    the land. Because the injustice was never atoned for,
    the continued negative thought of the descendents is
    added onto that. The USA is built upon the slavery of
    millions of blacks, who reside in ghettos in large
    measure. Continued misery. Racism over centuries. Why
    do people turn to alcoholism and crack? Could it be
    sensitive souls can’t take the negative energy? Now we
    have 300 million people. After 9/11,2001, these
    millions focus their thought in hate and fear towards
    Muslims. Muslims return the favor. The economy is
    ruined, so millions fear for their security. Peoples’
    minds become so distorted they re-elect a known
    liar-killer, and the only decent alternative is
    destroyed because he showed emotion (Howard Dean).
    This is black magic at work.

    America rests on three major fault lines. In the
    prophecies God delivered through the Hebrews He said
    if we don’t change we will have earthquakes, and
    something big will strike America from space. That’s
    in Isaiah 13, Malachi 4, and Revelation 8. The rest of
    the world does not escape. Over ¾ of mankind is
    killed, with most of the rest in torment, the seas
    barren, Hell on Earth, not Paradise. But Muhammad (S)
    said some of what he said is figurative. He does
    nothing Isa (AS) does not do, nor God. The prophecies
    of destruction may be fulfilled thru repentance—change
    of thought—reverting to true Islam, which was tolerant
    at the beginning. That is the lesson of Jonah and the

    Zionists break the laws of the Torah and the
    prophets in the West Bank and Gaza, not to mention
    Israel, proper. If this continues, the prophecies of
    destruction in the Middle East will take literal
    death and devastation for everyone. Repentance is
    required for all the peoples.

    God talks to all His children. Each was given good
    knowledge, but in order to have us learn unity, in
    order to break ego-thought (true Jihad), God put
    special bits in each,without which none will survive.
    We must share the treasures God planted in each or we
    will perish. That means Christians need Islam and
    Judaism, but the reverse is also true. Not the
    theology, the twisted use to which the books have been
    used, but properly, where God’s word is read in a
    manner one would do if one really believed God
    actually cares about those other people and gave them
    a true message. And it must reconcile with the
    Criterion (the Qur'an). And the Torah, Prophets, and
    New Testament. We've all been tricked into cursing
    God’s message in the other books by saying they were
    corrupted, but tell me, is God not Almighty? Is one
    egocentric person and his pals stronger than all the
    rest of us? Jesus said not to judge others, but to
    seek knowledge. Perhaps the messages transmitted over
    time only make real sense when all are put together
    like a continuing dialogue from the same person.

    Perhaps you’ve heard about or seen "The Lord of
    the Rings". In it there are nine rings of power. An
    evil sorcerer tries to get them all so with their
    power combined he can rule the world. Picture each
    holy book or tradition as a ring of power, but with a
    difference; as long as they are separate and turned
    against each other they are controlled by black-magic
    sorcerers who will continue to enslave us with mutual
    hate until the Earth can take no more, but if brought
    together as separate pieces to form One Whole peace
    comes, and those who misuse them lose their power as
    the rings become available to all.

    I’ve just written a book called,
    ‘The Way of Holiness: a.k.a. The Path of Truth’
    It’s free, and it’s on-line at;

    i will cut it short here, as the moderators ask us not to take up too much space in one post.
  2. Jayhawker Soule

    Jayhawker Soule <yawn> ignore </yawn>
    Premium Member

    May 15, 2004
    It's a bit early in the season for fruitcake ... thank you for cutting it short.
  3. Natural Submission

    Natural Submission Active Member

    Dec 26, 2004
    Are you being sarcastic?