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A few random tidbits from the biography of Muhammad.

Discussion in 'Interfaith Discussion' started by Lorgar-Aurelian, May 26, 2017.

  1. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Lorgar-Aurelian Active Member

    Mar 13, 2017
    Last night I randomly looked through the biography of Muhammad and found a few lines that were either messed up, funny or just plain ol weird.

    I randomly flipped to a page in my little biography of muhammad to read this line " It is foolish to blame the Muslims for the horrible consequences that were bound to result in the light of that long standing hostility. The Muslims in Madinah were completely eligible then to seize the wealth of those tyrants, mete out for them exemplary punishment and bring twofold retaliation on them in order to deter them from commiting any foolishness against the Muslims and their sanctities."

    You fought and died for us for the wrong reasons.
    "Qazman, who was found among the wounded , fought heroically, and killed seven or eight idolaters. He was weakened by the wounds he sustained, they carried him to the locality of Bani Zufr. The Muslims gave him glad tidings of paradise, but he said ; "By Allah I have fought out of the passion to my people. Had it not been for that i would have never fought." When his wounds worsened he committed suicide.

    Allah's Messenger had already said whenever he was mentioned to him " He is an inhabitant of fire." This is the end of those who fight for a national cause or in a way other than that of raising up the Word of Allah, though they fought under the banner of Islam or even in the army of Allah's Messenger or of his companions.

    Contrary to Qazman there was a Jew of Bani Tha'labah among the dead. He said to his people " O folk people of Jews! By Allah you have already known that it is necessary to support Muhammad." They said "Today is Saturday." He said "There is no Saturday for you." He took his sword and war equipment and said "If I were killed, my property should be put at Muhammad's disposal." The next morning he kept fighting till he was killed. Allah's messanger said about him "Mukhaireeq is the best Jew."

    This last one sounds like a bad mafia movie to me.

    'Abd: Fair words and fair beliefs are those you are calling for. I wish my brother would follow me to believe in Muhammad and profess his religion, but my brother is too greedy of his kingship to become a subordinate.

    'Amr: Should your brother surrender himself to Islam the Prophet would give him authority over his people and take alms tax from the wealthy people to be given to the needy.

    'Abd: That is fair behavior . But what is this alms tax you have mentioned?

    'Amr: Is is a divine commandment that alms tax be taken from the well-to-do people who have surplus wealth and be distributed to the poor.

    'Abd: I doubt if this can work among our people"

    Amr stayed for some days to be admitted into Jaifer's court until he was finally granted this permit. He said :" He asked me to hand him the letter to read it. After that he asked me how the Quraish had reacted and I answered: "They had followed him, some out of their own freewill and others overpowered by military fighting. Now people have chosen Islam in preference to other creeds, and have realized through their mental insight that they had been straying in darkness. None, except you, is now out of the domain of Islam, so I advise you to embrace Islam so that you can provide security to yourself and your country." Here , he asked me to call on him the following day.

    The following day he showed some unwillingness in receiving me but his brother, 'Abd, interceded and I was given the chance to see him again, but this time he addressed me in a threatening arrogant tone. However, after a private talk with his brother and reconsidering the whole situation, both brothers embraced Islam and proved to be true to Islam that had begun to make it's way into this new land.
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  2. George-ananda

    George-ananda Advaita Vedanta and Spiritualist and Pantheist
    Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2012
    Advaita and Spiritualist and Pantheist
    Yes, Islam comes from another time, place and cultural setting and may explain why it has a challenging time fitting into modern western society.