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8 type of signs and 8 carriers on day of judgment.


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This is a theory, that I haven't thought too much about it. Just delving into it a bit.

The Quran talks about "Signs" and obviously it is important. There are in fact more "Signs" in Quran then verses itself. Although verses in themselves are a sign, they form other signs with other verses, and within a verse can be multiple signs.

Signs is greatly important in Quran. But they aren't all the same type. For example, when disbelievers were asking for signs this didn't mean the type that points to design of creation.

I have thought about it a lot, and have concluded signs can be divided in the following.

1. Signs of a Creator existing (design in a irreducible complex way, many fruits found through out the earth, consciousness, etc)

2. Signs of Who the Creator is (signs within ourselves, compassion, mercy, logic, reason, the virtues, greatness and concept of it, knowing math wise, God is one because he is ultimate source of greatness and utmost of it), this category is about signs of the light and how it proves God and his oneness and it has to do with recognizing the light pointing to God.

3. Signs in his holy books and words of light of his messengers in form of beautiful eloquent way of phrasing truth and miraculous way pf beautifying truth.

4. Miracles.

5. Day of judgment ultra reality type proof.

6. Signs of moral reasoning , proofs about God's will and what we humans are, through moral reasoning.

7. Light in unseen world type proofs (ie. Angels, Ahlulbayt in unseen form)

8. Words of God and how God is with everyone, guiding them, and reasoning in them, through his appointed guides and Angels.

There is a hadith in Al-Kafi that the eight who will carry the throne, are Mohamad (s), Ali (a), Hassan (a), Hussain (a) and Nuh (a), Ibrahim (a), Musa (a) and Isa (a).

As fdr 1, I would go with Nuh (a) by the way Quran has rehearsed his reminders. As for 2, I would go with Ibrahim (a) since he was expert about star to sun light guidance, and recognize God through out that.

3 is definitely Ali (a), his mind understood eloquence like no other and he had a way to beautify guidance and Quran, and brought his words in a way that complimented Quran in the most eloquent fashion.

As for miracles, it's Musa (a) who has been most emphasized with that but upon reflecting, the type Isa (a) had to do were greater and Musa (a) is in fact an expert on 8. So 8 goes to Musa (a) while 4 goes to Isa (a).

As for 6, it's Hassan (a), and this has to do with him explaining the most complex human choice aver made.

As for 7, my view, from experience, Mohammad (s) is the gate to the blessings in the unseen world, and is an expert in manifesting in it a soft way.

And as for 5, Hussain (a) will manifest the greatest power given by God, and prove it beyond doubt, and the reckoning, will be through him and justice to be manifested in highest of form of proofs in his hands, is most befitting of God and what Hussain (a) endured.

There are of course many chose ones and Angels under each of these 8 carriers, but, they been tasked with this responsibility of distributing and proving all type of signs, because the day of judgment is about proving God and his power and oneness, and the role of his guides, but also how the signs were always there.

The type of signs are important. There are hadiths that suggest carriers of the throne are those who carry God's knowledge. The 8 types of signs I believe all have their own place to understand.

This is a working theory, and a reflection, I do not know at the end. Just giving a possibility to the hadith in Al-kafi and the verse itself with respect to all of Quran.