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16 Examples of Acceptance of Prayer, Worldwide - Philosophy and Requirements of Acceptance of Prayer


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you... Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said about philosophy of acceptance of prayer, at an occasion: “ A child, when being restless with hunger, cries out and screams for milk, then milk comes in the breast of mother with excitement. Baby does not even know the name of prayer but how his screams attract milk....Sometimes, it is seen that mothers even do not feel milk but crying of baby attract milk...Then, when our cries are in Huzur (the Presence) of Allah, cannot they attract anything. Comes and everything comes but blind eyed, who consider themselves proficient and philosopher, they cannot see. The relation, the baby has, with his mother, if human ponders on philosophy of prayer by keeping that connection and relation in his mind, it looks very easy and simple.”


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) explained that, It is great favour of Allah the Exalted to us, Ahmadis, that many of our young and elders understand that we bow before Allah the Exalted with eagerness, pleading, humbleness and prayer is done, Allah the Exalted accepts prayers.......Sometimes such events due to acceptance of prayer take place, which surprise others too. Many people write to him, sometime they have such condition that they have no hope from anywhere. At that time when they bowed before Allah the Exalted, He did fazl / favor which caused strength in their Eman (belief). Some of such events come in reports.


1) Naazir dawat elallah, Qadian writes, that Amir of Hoshiarpur district said, few years ago people of his village Kharar Achharwal were quite worried due to lack of rain. Even, the well-water had reached to lowest level. Hindu majority of that place asked Muallam (our religious teacher, in eastern panjab, Muallam ... is called ‘mian ji’) to do prayer .... They were sure if they would ask Ahmadi-Muallam for prayer, rain would come. Our Muallam firstly told them etiquette of Islamic prayer and attributes of Allah the Exalted then he lead the prayer..... Allah the Exalted accepted the prayer of this Muallam of Jama'at Ahmadiyya and poured torrential rain within two or three hour, and gave proof of His ‘samiuddua’ (listener of prayer).....By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, very good effect took place on whole village and they openly said that rain came by the acceptance of Ahmadis.


2) Amir sahib of Fiji Islands writes, Before going to the tour of Tuvalu (small island near Fiji), the Muballigh / missionary of Tuvalu told that rain had not come there since long time and water depends on rain...... (Before going to tour, he wrote Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V, may Allah be his Helper, for prayer for rain)..... When they reached Tuvalu in evening, people mentioned their great worry. He announced, at time of Isha Salaat on that night they would pray for rain in last sajdah (prostration).... Allah the Exalted accepted this prayer and rain of His mercy came down in night. Afterwards too, rain came down for three or four time, even though weather department had forecasted dry weather would stay for long time.....After this, wherever they went for visit, people mentioned that rain came down as you arrived. Bishop of Catholic church and a great chief of Fonapati tribe too mentioned that it is exclusively favor of Allah the Exalted and acceptance of prayers of your Khalifah of time that such rain came.... This rain not only not only increased the Eman (belief) of Ahmadis but became a proof of truth of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) for people outside of Jama'at.


3 ) At some places, coming of rain becomes sign of support and acceptance of God the Exalted. At places, end of rain becomes sign of acceptance of prayer. And others, regardless they accept Islam or not, they surely admit that God of Islam is God Who hears prayers.

Guinea Bissau is a country in Africa, from there Muallam Abdullah sahib reported that they went to a village Sinchankamsa and gathered people to convey the message of Jama'at Ahmadiyya. During it, heavy rain began thus his voice was not reaching to attendees, they were restless and it seemed they would leave. At that time he prayed, O Allah, rain belongs to You and the message I brought is Yours too but these people cannot not hear Your this message due to rain and are about to leave.

Muallam sahib said, as he prayed, Allah the Exalted stopped the rain.... About 150 people were present, they were conveyed message. Alhamdolillah, all people were enabled to do Bai'at.

As end of rain like this, strengthened Eman (belief) of our Muallam, it also ‘showed’ the God to those people Who accepts prayers. People ask how God is seen. God is seen like this by showing His powers. The people who were about to leave the place due to rain, not only they remained seated by seeing this favor of Allah the Exalted but accepted Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam as well.


4) Likewise, missionary of Bondondo, Hafiz Muzammal sahib said, he left for a tour of a village with local Muallam and two Khuddam. On the way, heavy rain began to pour and it seemed impossible to go ahead since path was made of soil and became very slippery. They stopped at a place and prayed: O Allah we are going to deliver message of Your Messiah, do favor so that each obstruction of path is removed.

People were already informed about the program, and they were gathered..... Allah the Exalted immediately accepted the prayer of visitors and rain suddenly stopped.....Apparently, it seemed rain was to continue till evening and they were very much worried.....Allah the Exalted did favor and they reached village at right time, and convened programs of conveying message and training.


5) Switzerland’s missionary Tayyab sahib reported about an end of rain when supplication was made.... Jama'at bought a place for construction of mosque in Zuchwil. A program was arranged to place a plant in land as sign of peace. Non Ahmadis were invited too. Heavy rainfall was forecasted on that day. As proceeding of program was to be done outdoor, missionary sahib was very anxious..... He wrote many letters to request Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be his Helper) for prayer about the matter. .... On the day of program, heavy rain began; apparently, there was no chance of its end. Then, due to acceptance of prayers, Allah the Exalted did favour. Still there was one hour to go before start of program, rain fully stopped and sun came out. President of local council was present in program, first of all he said, in surprise, ‘Have you ordered weather too for your program ?’ ...He was told we supplicate, and we requested our Khalifah for supplication too and we were fully certain Allah the Exalted would do fazl.

That is how the program became successful, its news was given in local newspaper too. Introduction of Jama'at reached to many people.

Huzur (may Allah be his Helper) said, no doubt we do not order for weather and cannot do so but we bow before that God, weather is subservient to Whose order and He shows scenes of His Power.


6) Apart from weathers, there are more events about acceptance of prayers...... Our God is not God of weathers only, but He is Absolute-Able and the God Who hears all kind of prayers. He has unlimited attributes, and He shows splendors of His attributes.

Benin: Muallam of Movement, Mateen sahib said, Few days ago a nau-mubaey (newly Bai'at doer) came and sought help as his wife was in critical condition due to pregnancy related problem.... Muallam sahib and his wife went there. Woman in labour had very high fever, baby’s birth was not possible for medical reasons.....Previously, same thing had happened in two consecutive pregnancies and lives of two unborn children were lost for safety of mother.....Muallam of Movement told the newly-Bai'at-doer that, in such situations, we pray and use medicine and write to our Imam for prayer but now there is no time, so lets do prayer by ourselves.

Muallam sahib said: I began to pray with making humble reference of pure attributes of Allah the Exalted and Beloved Messenger (Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and at end of prayer, I recited Surah Al-Fatiha and breathed at water, and sent it to the woman to drink, I did so 2 or 3 times... .....Third time, her husband came with happiness and said Allah the Exalted has saved my wife and granted son too........By the fazl of Allah the Exalted, the Eman (belief) of this newly Bai'at doer increased in Allah and his Eman for prayer became stronger and then on, he began to do prayer with regularity, attention, humbleness and eagerness.


7) Kenya: Amir sahib writes about an ailing person..... A saddar sahib of a local Jama'at became very ill. His condition was asked. He replied, two hospitals have told me there is no cure, and now my condition is very bad, anytime you can hear painful news. The colour of his skin completely changed, body was cold and lifeless.....Muallam sahib gave him words of comfort, not to lose courage, do prayers, and he wrote letter to Huzur (may Allah be his Helper) too.

After a week, when Muallam sahib went to that Jama'at to lead Jumu’ah Salaat, he saw condition of sick was better. And after few days, reply from Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) went that, Allah the Exalted, insha-Allah will give complete cure.

Afterwards, his condition continuously improved and after sometime he has gained full health and doing his work.

Thus, thanks to dua, by fazl of Allah the Exalted, a new life is granted to him and it increased his Eman (belief).


8) Karnataka, India: ...Amir sahib of district wrote that Saddar sahib of Jama'at expressed that he had brain tumor and was admitted to hospital. Doctors said cure was not possible, and operation can end life..... He wrote Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) for prayer and answer went to him, May Allah the Exalted grant cure....Doctors checked him after one month and were surprised as there was no sign of brain tumor.....It was purely favor of Allah the Exalted and result of prayers that Husain sahib was fully cured.




Peace be upon you.
9) Belgium: About a sick person, Hafiz Ehsan Sikandar, missionary Belgium writes... An Ahmadi Daud sahib was sick and hospitalized, liver, kidneys and lungs were not working, heart attack occurred in hospital. He was placed on ventilator. Doctors said there is no cure. His family even requested Jama'at to help in preparation of Janaza etc.

Hafiz sahib wrote Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) for prayer. He himself did prayer and asked Jama'at to do so too. Next day delegation of Jama'at which included saddar Ansarullah, secretary tabligh and himself went to visit the sick. Doctors said, a miracle has taken place, the medicine which we were giving him and his body was not accepting it, now same medicine is working and his condition is improving (by the fazl of Allah the Exalted).

They told doctors this miracle is due to prayer and Allah the Exalted has granted him this new life after that.


10) There are more miscellaneous events about acceptance of prayers, which cause progress for people in their connection with Jama'at and Khilafat, truth of Jama'at, and Eman (belief) in God the Exalted.

Mustafa sahib from Saudia. He said, I had requested you for prayer that, may my transfer take place to certain city, and I may live with family. Apparently, it was impossible, but such a miracle took place with prayer that a flow of transfers began, and I have come from number 33 to number 1, i.e. now when there shall be any transfer, I shall be given chance and that is how I shall be able to live with family. For me it is not less than a miracle.

Apparently, certain things seem trivial, but the one who goes through it, he feels what kind of impossible have taken place, by the fazl of Allah the Exalted and prayers.


11) About an event in region Morogoro of Tanzania, Muallam Latif sahib writes. Someone stole the battery of solar system of mosque of one of our Jama'at. Next day when dear members of Jama'at learned about it, they decided, it is better to pray to Allah the Exalted instead of reporting to police, and to pray whoever has stolen the battery, may Allah the Exalted Himself punish him, and return our battery to us..... On this occasion, some non-ahmadis too gathered when they heard about theft, so this news spread in village that Ahmadis have prayed whoever have stolen the battery, may Allah the Exalted catch him and punish him....Non-Ahmadi dears began to say, prayers of Ahmadis are heard a lot, now thief will be caught because he has no way out now........One day passed, whoever had stolen the battery he, invisibly early morning, left battery in front of house of saddar sahib......That is how Allah the Exalted heard prayers of Ahmadis, and belief of non-ahmadis too became stronger in prayers that Ahmadis are really virtuous and true people.

It is learned from it that thieves there, have fear of God and they were afraid from name of God but hearts of mullas of Pakistan are completely empty of fear of God, they disobey commandments of God the Exalted by using His name. These are people who have deformed nation too. May Allah the Exalted have mercy on nation, and free nation from these oppressors soon.


12) Missionary incharge sahib, Guinea Conakry, mentions an event..... A sincere newly-Bai'at-doer young man Suleman sahib stated his desire that he wants to serve Jama'at by devoting life (waqf). So we counseled him to get admission in Jamia Ahmadiyya Sierra Leone. He happily accepted and began to prepare....When his parents, who had not yet become Ahmadi, were called to mission house for their consent, apparently they were pleased and said they would come after getting information...They went and talked to molvi, he made them astray, and to file case in police that Jama'at Ahmadiyya is non muslim and a violent Jama'at and is enticing the boy and making him extremist.....It caused great worry and missionary sahib wrote to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a t) for prayers and his reply went to him, may Allah the Exalted do His favor, keep doing effort and prayer too....When police made enquiry, and introduction of Jama'at was made to police, leaflets etc were given, then by the favor of Allah the Exalted, police commissioner not only expelled the case, rather said: To me, the Islam presented by them, seems more correct and peaceful. Police commissioner further said: Give me more information, I too want to join this Jama'at !


13) Mali: Missionary of Mali region, Mustansar sahib writes that Dear members were motivated to attend his year’s Jalsa Salana in large numbers. The location where Jalsa was to be taken place was 300 or 400 kilometer away. People are poor, fare for travel to Jalsa is more than 10,000 Francs, it is difficult for family to afford.

A member Yahya sahib, who catches fish from river and sells in market, he could collect fare enough for one person in whole year. He said, last year he went for Jalsa, this year would send his wife for Jalsa. ..... Murabi sahib asked him his intention was good but he should do effort for fare and go to Jalsa too with wife. Do prayer, may Allah the Exalted give you such cacht from river that earn you fare for travel to Jalsa.

Prior to day, the group was to go for Jalsa, he came to mission house at 8 at night, he was holding a very big fish of about 12 kilos. He said: When I went to river in morning to throw net, I prayed a lot that tomorrow group will be leaving and I do not have fare, O Allah! Help me so that I may attend Jalsa, my intention is good.........When I pulled the net out of water at Asr time, this fish was present. When I he came to riverside, a person bought it in 18000 Franc CFA. I took permission from that man so that I could show to you (missionary sahib). From this fish, my fare is paid, we both, husband and wife, can go, extra money is saved too.


14) By accepting prayers, how Allah the Exalted gives strength in Eman (belief) of Ahmadis and certainty in Khilafat..... In this regard, Idrees Trawray sahib from Mali writes that when Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) visited Ghana in 2008 and joined khilafat jubilee Jalsa, idrees sahib too attended the Jalsa. He did business of chickens. He left chickens and went to Ghana. In his absence all his hens died.

When the man (Idrees sahib was doing business with his money) learned Idrees sahib is Ahmadi and attended Jalsa of Ahmadis and all hens are expired, he began to oppose more. When Idrees sahib returned, man sent him message to return his 150,000 Franc CFA.

Idrees sahib said: I was very much worried, I did not have money, and this opponent would make me belittle. All night, I prayed a lot, I had gone to attend Jalsa in love of Khalifah.... I was shown in dream that some grain is fallen from a truck and I am collecting it. .... Early morning, I went to the place which was shown in dream, there was no truck but fallen grain was present. I began to collect them...Suddenly I found a black plastic bag, when opened it, there were 180,000 Franc CFA in it. I asked people in area, I was told here a truck was standing in night, which has gone to Senegal now. I told people that I have found money here, if it belongs to anyone, please tell sign and get it but no one came....... Loan-giver who spoke ill, came again in evening, I told him, be patient, Allah the Exalted has arranged for me, and I returned his loan to him...Now many years have passed, no one have claimed that ownership of that money, no one came.


15) Germany, a person Ehsan sahib from Lebanon mentioned difficulties about his impossible asylum case. .. His faith increased when he unexpectedly obtained asylum for three years. He is very happy and tells people Allah the Exalted has shown miracle by prayers...Reference: missionary Hafizullah sahib.


16) Non muslims too are shown such scenes by Allah the Exalted about acceptance of prayers of Ahmadis which convince them God of Islam is God Who hears prayers.....Mirza Afzal sahib writes from Canada that they went to a city in West of Vancouver regarding interfaith conference. By seeing phone-book, they contacted a Sikh.... ...He welcomed them in his house with very open heart, and invited for meal and allowed to offer Salaats, and promised to help in conference...When they were leaving, host requested humbly that, they should pray, may Allah grant son to his son who has three daughters...They raised hands and prayed right there, and said they would also request their Khalifah for prayer.....After one or one and half year, he telephoned that Allah the Exalted has granted him grandson.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said:

“In natural law, examples of acceptance of prayer are present.”

(As, in the beginning, coming of milk to mother is mentioned when baby cries, it is natural law)

“According to this very law, God the Exalted sends live models in every era. And if (one) has to be part of live models of acceptance of prayer then there are certain necessaries and certain conditions which are essential to be fulfilled.”

(some people say, they did prayer, it is not accepted... He, on whom be peace, said, certain conditions are essential)

“ In the necessaries of prayer, firstly it is essential, develop pious-deeds and belief. The person who does not correct his beliefs and does not use pious-deeds and does prayer he, as if, does test of God the Exalted.”

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) explained: So as there is need to make Eman strong with respect to belief, practical state should be molded according to pleasure and commandments of God the Exalted. It cannot happen that we do not pay attention to five Salaat-s as He commanded, and do not pay basic rights of people, and when we are in trouble then we remember Allah and remember to pay rights of people. First, improve own states. Only improving belief-state is not enough, unless there is pious deed. Pious deed is to pay rights of Allah the Exalted and rights of His creatures. When it will happen, Allah the Exalted accepts prayers. ..May Allah the Exalted enable us to mold our lives according to His commandments, and always enable to pay rights of worships and prayers . (Aamin)

Reference: Based on Friday sermon by Hazrat khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help), 26 January 2018, UK, alislam.org and mta.tv