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1 - 10: Number Creation Cosmology


Active Member
0 = Nothingness
1 = Monad/Tao
2 = Duality
3 = Heavens
4 = Earth
5 = Man
6 = Creation completed
7 = Perfect creation
8 = Eternity/(Illusion of) Cyclical Time
9 = End of Time
0/10 = Universe/Cipher/390 degrees of wholeness


Bodhisattva in Recovery
Neat-o. A new definition for drivel.

Exit question: Do you actually think things through before you post them?
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Bodhisattva in Recovery
Insult is such an exaggerated term. I am to Here Now... to be bothered to count...

To be honest, you have held me back from viewing the latest Rammstein concert... and for that, you should feel natural guilt
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