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  1. DharmaCatLamp

    Interesting Experience and Thoughts about Interconnection

    So It's been a little while since I posted on these forums but I have been continuing my practice. Yesterday I was doing my normal ritual worship and meditation. I offered a banana to Ma Kali then bowed down so my head touched the floor. When my head touched the floor I was immediately filled...
  2. Native

    Technical Methods and Intuitive Sensing

    OP: What's the difference between a brain and a computer? Once again the good and sharp Sabine Hossenfelder is in action with her usually sharp analysis and asking the critical and relevant questions. Sabines video Abstract and Chapters: In which sense are brains similar to the devices we...
  3. Exaltist Ethan

    The Superverse

    What is The Superverse? The Superverse is any reality which all is possible. Second Life, Roblox, Facebook's Meta and Minecraft are all considered simulated superverses. I have talked to a Projectionist about his beliefs and came to a conclusion about my own. The Omniverse is not a Superverse...
  4. Muffled

    Foundation Series

    It appears the philosophy of Foundation is that civilization should be saved. So, believing that this world will end as it is in fire, wouldn't it make sense to preserve science and art in a deep cavern in hopes that a new civilization could be built upon it?
  5. Native

    Earth -The Center of the Universe

    Modern cosmological science has theoretically not developed much since the perception of the Earth and Solar centered system. Earth centered Solar System and Helio-centered Solar System The History of the center of the Universe: Excerpt: “The center of the Universe is a concept that lacks a...
  6. Ratt Blastard

    We Are Alone in the Universe!

    There is absolutely no evidence that intelligent and/or complex life exists elsewhere in the universe. So we must assume that we are alone in the universe and must be the only intelligent life that exist in it. Couple that with my belief that God does not exist, I feel somewhat sad and more...
  7. Native

    In an Universe of Light

    This topic is posted in order to have an open minded and friendly out-of the-squared-box constructive discussion. For my own part I´m amazed that modern cosmology don´t include Electromagnetic formational processes and qualitative motions in their cosmic theories. It is said in Standard...
  8. SalixIncendium

    How Did the Universe Come to Be?

    In your understanding, how did the universe come to be? Was it created*? If so, by what? If you don't think it was created, how did universe come to be as we experience it? *For the purpose of this thread, we will define 'create' as 'to bring into existence.' Also, let's please not jump...
  9. paarsurrey

    Is there a system in Nature/Universe, and in Quran/the Word of G-d?

    Is there a system in Nature/Universe, and in Quran/the only secure and pristine truthful Word of G-d? And how does one find this system in Nature/Universe? Is it through Science, please? Thread open to everybody of Religion or No-Religion. Regards
  10. questfortruth

    Solution to Cosmology Crisis: Flat Universe with dome

    INTRODUCTION: Author of the ideas: Dmitri Martila, ask him to publish it with your help: [email protected] Google: "Flat Earth in Bible", "Cosmology Crisis", "Crisis in Cosmology". Conclusion: Big Bang and expansion of spacetime are not functioning theories. MY MODEL. The Universe is flat...
  11. questfortruth

    scientific word for Biblical Filament in Genesis 1: Universe in the Nutshell

    Question: Just how far above Earth does this vast dome extend, and what the heck are these waters that lie above it? Answer: The radius of Observable Universe, waters above the firmament might be another word for Spiritual Food and Drink, Spiritual Wisdom. The spatial shape I prove below dx^2 +...
  12. Cockadoodledoo

    The end of science?

    Do you think we’ll ever reach the end of scientific knowledge, before all life in the universe dies? And where will this knowledge get us......will all life in the universe eventually die anyway? Or is it too early to tell? And do you think many present day scientists have thought about the end...
  13. Mickdrew

    Opinion: Why Lovecraft is Right

    To borrow from the Wikipedia article on the Cthulhu mythos: "Lovecraft believed in a purposeless, mechanical, and uncaring universe. Human beings, with their limited faculties, can never fully understand this universe, and the cognitive dissonance caused by this revelation leads to insanity, in...
  14. questfortruth

    Is it true that the scientists discovered parallel worlds, and who lives in them?

    What is wrong about my text? Today the people are not complete, they are divided. They have replaced the call of the heart, the emotions with the mental reasoning, and vice versa. And they do troll the promising authors without noticing the own troll's hate speech. You just hate me, so you do...
  15. Twilight Hue

    How does Randomness and Chaos fit in with intelligent design?

    Given that we have a propensity to recognize patterns and see symmetry in nature, it leads to IMO, erroneous conclusions that such things are intentionally designed. Concepts and beliefs come about because we do see patterns and symmetry in a state of stability, therefore people come to the...
  16. joshuapecci

    The Uni-verse (The one song)

    I believe this song is one of suffering, the universal link between all life. Not everyone will know happiness, but there isn't a being in time that will not suffer (from the minute to the traumatic). Based on the natural and ancient origins of this word's prefix and suffix, what do you guys...
  17. F

    Unscientific, Secularist Cosmology: Everything from Nothing! Not!

    The laws of physics tell us: Matter cannot be created (nor can it create itself). Question: Has anyone ever seen something come from nothing? If you have, your eyes are lying to you. Question: Do you believe something can come from nothing? If you do, you are lying to yourself. This...
  18. Undefine Existence

    What is Time?

    Time is simply the measurement of Motion X a Constant Through our perception we all see time moving at the rate that we think we are experiencing it. It could seem one length to a human and another to a lion. It can appear different to different humans. It can even seem to change to the same...