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  1. Harel13

    Chosen Aliens

    ...no, the title isn't meant to be antisemitic... I saw this quote from Rabbi Yosef B. Soloveitchik the other day and found it thought-provoking (although, what in his teachings isn't? :)): Rabbi David Holzer: "Would the discovery of alien life be an issue in terms of the Torah view?" Rabbi...
  2. Harel13

    Judaism and Modernity

    I came across this quote today while going through old threads on the Judaism DIR (emphasis mine): "...Theologically there is nothing un-Orthodox about any of their interpretations of Torah, only that they seem to approach it in a way that allows them to meet modern ethical standards and...
  3. Ehav4Ever

    Torath Mosheh

    I decided to addres a few questions about Torath Mosheh here in this thread. It will make it easier to explain what the term means and why it is used in a number of Jewish sources. I am working on a video to give more detail. I hope to have it done soon. Until then this video may give some detail.
  4. Ehav4Ever

    Matan Torah at Mount Sinai

    A few years ago I started a practice of writing position papers to both a) prove out the things I hold by in terms of Torah/Halakha/Philosophy and b) as an easier way to respond to debates (especially when they were repetitive.) Attached below to this post is a paper I wrote in response to...
  5. Ehav4Ever

    Answering Tzarah's Question about Hebrew text of Yoel 4:1

    This is a carry over from another thread where the question was asked by @Tzarah about a) the difference between the Hebrew text and the KJV bible and b) how a Torath Mosheh Jew who reads Hebrew reads the Hebrew text. The video below was created to answer both of these questions. Note: The...
  6. firedragon

    Quran mentions "Taurat, Zabur, Injil, furqan, Qur'an". What are they?

    There are many places in the Quran where Taurat, Zabur, Injil, Quran are mentioned. 1. Muslims, Jews and Christians predominantly believe that these are all books that were written down in the past at some point. Each faith of course would vary in their interpretation of this idea but were...
  7. V

    The Teachings of the Kingdom of Heaven, Rabbi Portnar

    The Centre For Lurian Kabbalah Audio Lessons
  8. Philip Maymin

    Can you distinguish real biblical verses from machine generated ones?

    I'm running a fun survey to test machine learning on the Old Testament. It's ten random verses and you have to decide if each one is more likely to be real, or more likely to be fake, meaning, generated by a computer that has learned from the original text. The survey is anonymous and fun...
  9. Elliott5779

    Science vs. Torah?

    in our dayinage, many things in science can be found to have support from the Torah and even ultimately prove the legitamacy of Torah. Our teachers like Rav Aryeh Kaplan & Rav Zamir Cohen have shown us many such examples. The Torah was given thousands of years ago, teaching us things that...
  10. Dawnofhope

    To what extent did Muhammad meet the Messianic Requirements of Judaism and Christianity?

    This is another discussion mainly for Theists. Many Christians and Jews are expecting the advent of another great religious leader. The expectations within Judaism relate to their sacred texts, for example a book in the Tanakh called Isaiah. For some Christians the question is framed around the...
  11. D

    Torah laws & metaphor

    The "laws" may circumstancially not be kept perfectly. This means that the laws are in some way metaphoric. This also means the either intentionally or by accident, any jew or other person trying to follow the laws, is going to be making some choices as to which laws they arent following.
  12. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Mythism : Did the prophets actually exist?

    It's not too difficult to find someone who will tell you that say Zeus never existed. It is however much less common to find people who will tell you that Jesus never existed. You may even get some people who outright deny that Jesus was God or that Christianity has any merit but still affirms...
  13. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Read through the entire bible in 7-10 days

    I've just recently finished going through the god delusion by Richard Dawkins. Honestly I've never liked Dawkins and I've found his writing style to be almost unbearable. So we're looking for a change of pace. My intention is to read through the entire Christian bible in either 7 or 10 days. I...
  14. MountainPine

    Christianity and Veganism

    Back in January I had shared an ebook under Resources that explained how God requires abstinence from meat, but I haven't gotten feedback from any Christians. The book is called The Abomination of Desolation and contains much evidence from the Bible to prove it's thesis. I am curious to know the...
  15. 2nd Reformation

    Hello, I'm new here!

    Nice to meet you all!
  16. Nazarene National

    Anyone know of Nazarene Judaism?

  17. Nazarene National

    Thoughts on Nazarene Judaism?

    Anyone have any thoughts of thew 1st century movement of the Nazarenes?