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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    What makes somebody atheist and not a theist?

    What makes somebody atheist and not a theist?
  2. timothy1027

    Evolution of my worldview: theist, agnostic, etc... :-)

    Following are some of my beliefs & opinions. Nobody in human history has (yet) proven that God exists. Therefore, I think that theism lacks validity, especially in the 21st Century. At the same time, atheism seems to be illogical because there are just to many "indicators" for a...
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    The World Isn't Black and White Atheist vs Theist

    I have been reading a decent bit of Chris Hedges lately. I recently got his book I don't believe in atheists. It's not about believing or not believing in atheists so much as it is about utopian idealists whether theist or atheist not being what we need in the world. He talks about the...

    Should God show himself?

    With the 1,000s of different versions of religions and the different versions of those religions, an appearance by God is long overdue. There also billions on Earth who would welcome the knowledge of its existence just to confirm which version of its being, religion, messenger, prophets are...
  5. firedragon

    Creationism: Is it New? Are creationists by default dishonest& ignorant in basic science?

    Encountering a new conversation the curiosity of this made me open a new thread to understand further. Is creationism a brand new movement of some sort that sprung up around 100 years ago? If that is the case how about those who lived prior to that? Are they not creationists? Creationism by...
  6. questfortruth

    World as Fairy-tale

    Time is an illusion, many sages say. After all, why do we see the number 2020 on the calendar and not 2010 or 2022, if we exist and are alive not only today and now? Therefore, the wise men should be put on a scientific track: time is real, but the passage of time is an illusion. A fairy-tale...
  7. stvdv

    How many Theists are Atheists too?

    How many Theists are Atheists too? Definition Atheism: Lack of belief in any God As per this definition I am an Atheist. I know that God exists Note 1: Speak for yourself, try not to generalize or speak for others - let's leave that to *** Note 2: Use your own words, not copy/paste verses...
  8. SalixIncendium

    Neither a Theist nor an Atheist Be?

    I stumbled across this statement whilst puttering around teh interwebz. "There is, however, no "not atheist nor theist". Anyone who actively believes there is a god is a theist. Anyone who does not (even if they consider the question "unknowable" or the like), is an atheist. There is not any...
  9. stvdv

    To impose or not impose: Ideas, Faith or Prophet?

    Many Christians belittle non-Christians by telling "Christianity is the superior religion" (implying non-Christianity is inferior). Maybe I am wrong, and it's not many Christians behaving like this. The poll might remove unclarities on this matter. Maybe it's not just Christians who belittle...
  10. KelseyR

    Foolish duplicity detected:

    It's my understanding that theists paint atheists as being the fools, and there are certainly textual passages that label every non-believer as such. Apart from belief versus non-belief I think the major separation issue is the valuing of reason, and herein lies a problem someone can perhaps...
  11. stvdv

    I am an Agnostic Atheist Theist

    25 sep 2018 stvdv I think the word "God" is a funny word in the sense that most of the people talk about it, while none can give a globally accepted definition, proving it's a subjective belief; no fact. I believe that "all names and forms" that humans attribute to God are illusory. Hence I can...
  12. stvdv

    How science is part of God

    How science is part of God One attribute of God is Omniscience = Omni Science When science sees that God is Omni Science Maybe it is easier to accept God as part of their research Not only a Part but a Major Part, being "Omni Science" So atheists and scientists can embrace God So theists can...