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  1. K

    Who asks a question, religious or else?

    In life, as in a classroom at a university, one asks a ‘serious’ question for being: [1] A teacher who knows its answer already based on his personal observations and logical reasoning. [2] A student who will accept or not a heard answer based on his needs and/or logical analyses. A good...
  2. MatthewA

    Holy Spirit is Teacher? Bible Thoughts/Debate?

    Thank you for viewing, and please let me assure you that I was not sure where to post this between scriptural debate, and bible debate. Would there be a better place to put it @Staff Members if it is not in the correct area. May all of you take care, and have a good day. These are some of the...
  3. SalixIncendium

    Who Is Your Teacher?

    Today is Guru Purnima, a Dharmic holiday that marks the birthday of Ved Vsaya, a holiday in which Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains revere their gurus. Who is your spiritual teacher, or if you do not consider yourself spiritual, who inspires you? How did you select this individual? What difference...
  4. SalixIncendium

    One Teacher or Many?

    Which is better? Is it better to have one guru, sage, master, pastor, mullah, rabbi, etc. (whatever you call the spiritual teacher on your path) when it comes to spiritual realizations or understanding? Or is is it better to learn from many? In my chosen profession, I have had many...
  5. SalixIncendium

    Accomplished Teacher or Mystical Experience?

    Given the subjectivity of faith and religion, is it best to learn religious and/or spiritual knowledge from an accomplished teacher or through mystical experiences? Why? From which would you consider knowledge to be more valid? Why? For the purposes of this thread, we will define...