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  1. ameyAtmA

    Chatuh:Shloki BhAgvat: Bramhan explained in 4 Verses

    vasudeva sutam devam kauMsa chANura mardanam devakI paramAnandam KRshNam vande jagatgurum || gurur bramhA, gurur vishNuh:, gurur devo maheshwarAh: | guruh: sAkshAt paraBramhan' | tasmai shri gurave namah: || Namaste This is a realization by the grace of Shri KRshNa, and on some pondering tied...
  2. Electra

    Our true source has NO sides.

    To put it to question. I believe the true source is of no-duality, if your so called 'god' only plays/ is pleased to those who they believe to be 'good'/believes in them - doesn't that show duality therefore a 'lower' facility in the overall? In this theory, the classical 'god' would be less...