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shroud of turin

  1. John D. Brey

    53:9: Isaiah Prophesies the Shroud of Turin.

    Death is the paradoxical agent of Life: a salvific-messianic-act with human love at the center. . . Not only can physical death help atone for sins committed on earth, but a perfect martyrdom has the singular power to repair spiritual realities in the divine realm. . . Only in this state could...
  2. questfortruth

    Shroud of Turin is from first AD.

    The Top Science has proven in 2022 AD that God does exist: ``New Peer Reviewed Date for the Shroud of Turin'' YouTube, De Caro L., Teresa Sibillano, Rocco Lassandro, Cinzia Giannini, Giulio Fanti, ``X-ray Dating of a Turin Shroud's Linen Sample'' Heritage 5(2), 860--870 (2022). X-ray Dating...
  3. Bob Mims

    Shroud of Turin? Real, art or fraud?

    I wrote a story recently on the Shroud of Turin (Is Shroud of Turin really Christ’s burial cloth? Conference will give Utahns chance to weigh the debate.). As a new Orthodox Christian, I've just begun learning about relics, icons, etc., but the Shroud has always fascinated me. I suppose like...